Social Media Is In Shambles Over Photo Exposing MLB Player’s Private Parts As Fanatics’ See-Through Uniforms Continue To Be A Major Issue (PIC)

Everyone hates MLB’s new uniforms.

The MLB/Nike uniform fiasco continues to reach new lows that have triggered a significant backlash from fans and players. The new uniforms were designed by Nike, but the company has outsourced production of the garments to Fanatics.

San Diego Padres player bending over

The worst thing about the uniforms just might be the pants.

As spring training games begin and official photos are taken, it has become clear that Fanatics dropped the ball by essentially using thinner material for the pants, and that is an issue since all of the pants are white.

The pants are almost see-through as tucked-in shirts and even compression shorts can be seen.

The material can also show the outline of sensitive areas as shown by a San Diego Padres player as he bent over.

Fanatics has essentially put the wrong balls in play.

The response to the new Fanatics/Nike uniforms has been overwhelmingly negative and for good reason.

MLBPA executive director Tony Clark told The Athletic on Tuesday that the union is getting involved to see if there’s a way to get this fixed.

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