MLB player Trayce Thompson talks about being known as ‘Klay’s brother’

Trayce Thompson signed a minor league deal with the Mets


Trayce and Klay Thompson

Trayce Thompson is a player who has always struggled to be a regular on an MLB roster, always up and down between the Big Leagues and MiLB baseball. His stats aren’t precisely impressive, but he has the talent and can get regular at-bats at the highest level with some consistency.

However, Trayce is better known for being the younger brother of Golden State Warriors and NBA superstar, Klay Thompson, and not for his baseball career. With that being said, that doesn’t upset Trayce in the slightest, as he seems used to it.

Being seen as ‘Klay’s brother’
Thompson signed a minor league deal with the New York Mets, including an invitation to the Big Leagues Spring Training, where he will try to break camp. Asked about his status as ‘Klay’s brother,’ Trayce said that he is proud of him and doesn’t mind being constantly reminded about Klay, as he is trying to be his own.

I’m proud. I understand his status in the sports world, but … I’m his No. 1 fan, me and our big brother Mychy [Mychel]. Everything I’ve wanted him to accomplish in life he’s accomplished. I’m proud to be Klay Thompson’s brother. I don’t even view him as Klay Thompson – that’s my brother Klay.

Thompson has been a ‘Four A’ player almost his whole career, as he is too good to be on the regular in AAA level, but struggles when he gets to the Major Leagues.

In 2023, Trayce played a total of 72 games for both the LA Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox, batting for .163/.285/.294 with 6 HRs and 17 RBIs, posting a -0.7 WAR for the season.

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