“You Killed Us”: Stunned Drake Once Got Brutally Honest With 8x NBA All-Star

Drake’s love for basketball is, by now, widely known. His relationships with basketball players are also on full display, be it on-court or off-court. One such friendship, or maybe fan-ship, is with Los Angeles Clippers star player Paul George. Drafted by the India Pacers in 2010, he showcased brilliant games throughout his time with the team.

Powell’s reminiscence brings Paul George to a Drake moment

Clippers guard now and one-time NBA champion, Norman Powell, was drafted by the Bucks in 2015. He was traded to the Raptors shortly after. It was a dream-come-true moment for Powell, who always dreamt of playing alongside his hero, DeMar DeRozan. Reminiscing about the earlier days, Powell suddenly points out how the 2016 playoffs were a turning point in his life.


He says that guarding Paul George was probably what got him a $42 million contract extension with the Raptors. That’s how difficult it was to guard George. But it also reminds PG-13 of a fond memory that includes basketball enthusiast, Drake.

Watching Paul George’s performance in the playoffs stuns Drake to the point that when the future 8x NBA All-Star comes out for the next round and walks to Drake, he says, “Man, you killed us, dog!”

Powell seems to agree on the “killing part”. After all, it had to be a ‘killer’ performance, seeing that the Raptors offered him an extension.

Drake’s love for basketball is only second place to his love for music

Drake is one of the most popular and richest rappers/singers out there. A Canadian native, he has sworn his love for the Toronto Raptors team. To further prove it, he became their global ambassador in 2013. Since then and even before, he has hosted many NBA events and even designed a Kobe Bryant-themed court at his Toronto mansion.

Drake seems to be taking great pains to learn his way through hooping. In 2021, he was seen playing a one-on-one with music artist Tory Lanez.


It was one of his finer moments playing the game. Though he will never be a basketball player along the lines of his legendary friends, it’s clear Drake won’t stop trying. It would also seem he is vicariously living his dreams through them.

Either way, it’s a real entertainer for everybody involved.

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