WWE star begs Rhea Ripley for a stink face at show; but an unfortunate twist was waiting

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Rhea Ripley took the internet by storm last night when a video of her emerged from the WWE show at Springfield. Now, another star has volunteered to take a stink face, but things didn’t work out that way.

Shayna Baszler’s offer didn’t really pan out how Rhea Ripley thought it would.

The stink face was made famous by Rikishi, who hiked up his wrestling trunks and then put his backside in the face of his unfortunate opponent in the corner. The move was one that many feared, and quite a lot of stars were Rikishi’s victims over the years.

Last night, Rhea Ripley paid homage to the star. Nia Jax had been about to hit her with a stink face, but she got out of it and then hiked up her trunks to use the stink face on Jax instead.

Now, it appears that Shayna Baszler decided that she wanted a stink face at the Rockford show. She begged The Eradicator to hit her with it.

However, there was an unfortunate twist waiting for Ripley. As she got ready to back into Baszler, she was not ready for Nia Jax, who ran in and hit her with a clothesline.

Jax was not altogether happy with how the last night had gone. Baszler remained in the corner, apparently disappointed from missing out on the opportunity.

Rhea Ripley has a big match coming up soon

Ripley is one of the most popular stars in WWE, and the love she gets from the fans does not seem to go away.

On top of that, she will be defending her Women’s World Championship against Becky Lynch at WrestleMania XL in a match that’s sure to get the attention of every fan.

Her reign with the title has been dominant so far, with no star coming close to taking it from her.

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