Where does Drake live and how much is his house worth?

DRAKE spared no expense on the luxurious manor house he constructed in his hometown of Toronto in 2019.

The Canadian superstar is understood to own other extravagant properties, so let’s take a peek the rapper’s residences and how much they’re worth.


Toronto Mansion
Drake’s Toronto home is reportedly worth a whopping $100million (£81.7million) — with Architectural Digest even doing a story about the decadent domicile in 2020.

The property is an incredible 50,000 square feet and was custom-built and designed.

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Drake refers to this incredibly luxurious Canadian home as ‘The Embassy’.

The house includes an indoor swimming poor, recording studio, basketball court, a bed weighing a ton, a wardrobe that’s two floors tall, and a 4,000-pound bathtub built from black marble.

His walls are filled with sculptures created by American artist and designer KAWS, his numerous Grammy Awards, and one hallway has become a shrine to sports and is filled with the jerseys of famous sportspeople.

The main living room is a whopping 44 feet high.

Speaking to Architectural Digest, Drake said: “Because I was building it in my hometown, I wanted the structure to stand firm for 100 years.

“I wanted it to have a monumental scale and feel.

“It will be one of the things I leave behind, so it had to be timeless and strong.”

Drake was born in Toronto and wants the house to “forever remain solid in the place I was born.”

In 2015 Drake bought the land on Park Lane Circle for $6.7million — meaning the value he’s added to the property is over $90million.

He then destroyed the existing home and started again from scratch.

Other homes
Drake used to own the YOLO Estate in Hidden Hills, California, but he sold it for profit in 2022.

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He bought the YOLO Estate for $7.7million (£6.3million) and sold it for $12million (9.8million) a decade later.

Because of his raging parties, the rapper promised his neighbours he’d buy up their surrounding houses if his way of life interfered with their privacy or became too out of control.

Drake kept to his word and bought two neighbouring properties, but it is understood he has sold all of his American homes now.

The Evening Standard reported in 2002 that the Top Boy producer had possibly bought a multi-million pound mansion in Hackney, London.

An agent at Hamptons, Grant Bates, reportedly attracted a buyer via Instagram, with the listing only advertised online once the sale was completed.

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Although Mr Bates would not confirm the identity of the buyer of the six-bedroom, the Hackney rumour mill went wild with speculation that Drake could be moving into the area.

Head of sales at Savills east London, Nick Verdi, said the price tag was “way above” the average local sale price, with very few houses above £5million.

He told the Standard: “I’ve worked in east London for 18 years and I’ve never seen a house like that. I don’t actually think another one exists.”

Nich added that he “wouldn’t be hugely surprised” if Drake was the buyer.

“The sort who just wants to put their bags down and move straight into somewhere that’s turnkey ready is definitely a prominent type of buyer.”

The star has bought and sold condos in Miami and earned a nice profit from them.

He once even found a buyer within 24 hours of putting a condo on the market.

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