When Rihanna Refused To Seek Therapy After Being A Victim Of Chris Brown’s Assault & Said, “I Just Put My Game Face On, But Deep Down Inside…”

Rihanna once revealed she was advised to seek therapy after facing former partner Chris Brown’s physical assault.

Throughout her journey in the music industry, Rihanna has seen it all while being one of the most influential singers. The singer has often been in the spotlight owing to her personal life and publicised relationships. Among all, the most publicised one was her romance with rapper Chris Brown. While the two were known as the ‘It’ couple, in 2009, the disgraced rapper assaulted Riri. The incident was so traumatic that the singer was advised to see a therapist, but she denied it.

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The Umbrella singer was with Brown for two years, between 2007 to 2009. While they dated, the couple made several public appearances, leaving everyone in awe of their chemistry.

In 2009, Brown allegedly physically assaulted Rihanna and punched her in the face in their car. As the singer stepped out seeking help, her pictures of a busted lip, black eye and several bruises on her face spread like wildfire. As Riri ended her relationship with Brown, she still chose to stay in touch with him. During several media interactions, the singer mentioned how she always wished good for her former partner.

But, the tragic incident left Rihanna disturbed, but she did not want to put it all out in her songs. As per The Scotsman, the Diamond singer once opened up about going back to music after the traumatic experience and said, “When I was about to start the record, that was the first thing I said: ‘I don’t want no sad songs. I don’t want no songs about love.’ I turned away eight ballads: ‘I don’t want to do that, that’s totally expected.”

When Rihanna Refused To Seek Therapy After Being A Victim Of Chris Brown's Assault

When Rihanna Refused To Seek Therapy After Being A Victim Of Chris Brown’s Assault ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Seeing her condition, many wanted her to go for therapy, but her Barbadian culture did not allow her to do so. Rihanna said, “Everyone wanted me to see a therapist to just talk about it, and I refused.” She continued, “In Barbados, we don’t do that. We keep it in our family and figure it out and move on. I just put my game face on and went on with my life. But deep down inside, I had some things to get past, and it came out in the music.”

However, she ended up talking to a therapist and was relieved after spilling everything out. Riri said, “I was able to talk about it in a comfortable way, in a very calm way, and the anxiety wasn’t there any more.”

Rihanna is now past that phase of her life and is now enjoying being at the top of her career as well as motherhood. After giving birth to her first child with A$AP Rocky last year, the two are now expecting another one.

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