When Eminem Gifted Elton John A Pair Of Sparkling Diamond-Encrusted S*x Toys As A Wedding Gift & Singer Later Recalled, “Don’t Know If Any Guests We’ve Had…”

Elton John in an earlier interview shared that Eminem once gifted him a pair of diamond-encrusted c*ck rings. Read on to know the details.

Elton John and Eminem look like an unusual pairing, but the two are very close friends. The legendary British hitmaker even once extended his support when the rapper faced the heat for his homophobic slurs. Elton, who is openly gay, got married to his partner David Furnish in December 2014 and received a very unusual gift from Eminem. Scroll down to know the details.

Eminem recently made headlines on the personal front. The rapper is expected to attend his biological daughter Hailie Jade’s wedding. The acclaimed hip-hop star might mark his attendance with his former wife, Kim Mathers.


Eminem Once Gifted Elton John A Pair Of Diamond-Encrusted C*ck Rings As A Wedding Gift

Speaking of Eminem’s bizarre gift, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Elton John, during his appearance on The Graham Norton Show in 2017, revealed that the rapper gave him a pair of diamond-encrusted c*ck rings as a wedding gift. “I got this package from Eminem. We had two diamond-encrusted c*ck rings on velvet cushions. And I have to say, they have remained unused,” said Elton.

Eminem once gifted Elton John a pair of diamond-encrusted sex toys

The award-winning singer further stated, “Eminem bought me and David matching c*ck rings when we got married. That was his gift. They sit there, like the crown jewels, in this beautiful box on satin cushions. They’re wonderful to look at.”

The Rocketman star also shared, “I don’t know if any guests we’ve had have used them. God, I hope not. They’re kind of sacrosanct.” Elton John added that he is very fond of the gift calling it very Eminem-esque.

Eminem once recalled how Elton has always been there for him. “I speak to Elton. He’s like my sponsor. He usually calls me once a week to check on me, just to make sure I’m on the up-and-up,” revealed the Oscar-winning rapper.

Elton John reveals the bizarre wedding present he received from Eminem |  The Independent | The Independent

The ‘8 Mile‘ star added, “He was actually one of the first people I called when I wanted to get clean. He was hipping me to things, like, ‘You’re going to see nature that you never noticed before.’ S**t you’d normally think was corny but that you haven’t seen in so long that you just go, ‘Wow! Look at that f**king rainbow!’ Or even little things- trees, the color of leaves. I f**king love leaves now, man. I feel like I’ve been neglecting leaves for a long time.”

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