When Beyonce Got Her B*tt Slapped By A Fan During Her Live Concert, Annoyingly She Told Him “I’ll Have You Escorted Out Of Here Right Now”

Beyonce once got slapped on her rear during her concert in Denmark which left her agitated. Read on to know how the singer reacted.


Beyonce Once Got Pulled Down By A Fan And Also Got Slapped On Her B*tt During Her 2013 Tour, Leaving Her Fuming

Beyonce is one of the most celebrated global R&B stars and with fame also comes the undying love of loyal fans who sometimes cross their limits just to get close to their favourites. Singers like Beyonce always struggle to protect their privacy and safety. One such incident happened when a fan managed to breach the security and tried to pull the singer down from the stage while interacting with them. Scroll down to check the video.

Beyonce has recently been in the news for her Renaissance World Tour, which kicked off in May 2023 and will conclude in October 2023. Queen Bey has been garnering a massive response for her performances and her glittery larger than life outfits has got a separate fan base.

Beyonce pulled off stage in Brazil - HD (Original) - YouTube

Circling back to Beyonce’s 2013-14 tour, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet, an incident occurred during the Brazilian leg of her tour. The acclaimed crooner was reaching down to fans while singing Irreplaceable when all of a sudden a fan from the front row jumped up and tried to pull her down into the crowd. In a different concert, a fan slapped Beyonce’s b*tt leaving her furious. Speaking of the former, it happened after Beyonce was trying to interact with her fans in the middle of her performance and was trying to get the fans involved to sing along. The shocking incident was caught on the cameras and the videos of the same quickly surfaced on the Internet. Beyonce was quickly saved by one of the security guards present there.

According to reports, the unruly fan was escorted from the spot and was taken away from the singer. Instead of getting furious at the fan, the Grammy-winning crooner handled the situation graciously and said, “it’s alright,” and her security let the man come back near the stage.

Beyonce then knelt down and came toward the man for a handshake further nodding at him saying, “Thank you, I love you, too.” The singer then resumed her performance flawlessly.

Interestingly, during the same tour Beyonce faced another situation where a fan in Denmark slapped her on her rear, leaving the singer fuming. The crooner at the time said, “I will have you escorted out of here now…all right?” before launching back to her song.

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