What’s Stopping Chris Brown From Being the ‘Next Michael Jackson?’ Akon Has a Theory

The Konvicted singer explained why he thinks the ‘Kiss, Kiss’ artist could be the next megastar.

Could Chris Brown be “the next Michael Jackson” or has his window of opportunity passed him by?

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That’s the conversation Shannon Sharpe and singer/entrepreneur Akon found themselves engaged in the latest episode of Sharpe’s show, Club Shay Shay. And while the debate has often reared its head on social media, with many vehemently their positions either for or against the “Sensational” singer’s talent, creative influence, dance skills and more, Akon sided with those for Breezy but offered a caveat as to why he believes it just hasn’t happened yet. The main thing standing in Brown’s way? Not having the right team around him.

“I just believe that Chris Brown wasn’t surrounded by the circle of creative people that Mike was surrounded by,” Akon said. “‘Cuz Chris got the talent, he just needed the direction. Right? So, imagine if Chris had Mike’s team. Just imagine that, it would be something different.”


Akon then went onto say that the “Fine China” singer was surrounded by “gangbangers” and claimed that he didn’t have the same guidance and was only as smart according to this generation’s parameters and expectations.

“If he was able to delete all that and say ‘look, I’m gonna focus on being the greatest entertainer ever?’ Chris has the opportunity,” he concluded.

Unfortunately for Akon, though, he seemed to be alone in that sentiment as Sharpe claimed it was “too late” for Brown to make an about-face toward greatness—or rather, greatness like MJ. But the Club Shay Shay host did praise the “No Guidance” singer for doing well as far as streaming numbers go.

At this point, I feel like this debate is getting older than last week’s bowl of grits. And that’s not to knock Chris’ talent, but it is to accurately acknowledge that the magnitude of stardom and influence only comes around ONCE in a lifetime. But if we’re to be honest—this generation already has it’s own version of an MJ and her name is Beyonce. Argue amongst yourselves. Sorry Breezy.

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