Viral Fan From NBA Finals Game 4 Has Been Identified As Popular Ad*ult Film Star (PICS)

The NBA Finals are supposed to be about the basketball, as the two best teams from the National Basketball Association battle it out for the biggest prize in the game. But even with stars like Nikola Jokic and Jimmy Butler running the show on the court, it’s not uncommon for a fan in the stands to suddenly steal the show.

That was the case during Game 4 of the 2023 NBA Finals in Miami on Friday night. While the Nuggets were dominating on the court, en route to a 108-95 victory and a 3-1 series lead, there was one female fan in the stands who was grabbing the attention of many male viewers who were tuned in.

For those left wondering exactly who this mystery woman is, we have your answer.

As it turns out, the female with the bright red pants was none other than adult film star Abella Danger. This was confirmed by her social media accounts, which included an image and video of Abella in her easily identifiable outfit.

One of Abella Danger’s posts was accompanied by a caption that read, “Ready for game 4, let’s go Miami! who ya’ll got?!”

For those who are hoping to see Danger once more during the NBA Finals, you’re in luck. The Brazzers star later Tweeted, “I’m telling ya’ll rn, I’m going to Denver for game 5 or 6.”

Someone should probably tell her that Game 5 will be in Denver on Monday night, while Game 6 is back in Miami on Thursday…if we make it that far.

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