Usher Responds to A’ja Wilson’s Request for Him to Join the Las Vegas Aces Championship Parade

“Come see me do ‘My Way’ here in Vegas,” the singer responded in a video message. “I’ll see you soon”

Usher may be the King of Las Vegas, but he knows how to show respect to the queens of the court.

On Sunday, Las Vegas Aces player A’ja Wilson posted a message to the superstar on social media. “Hey @Usher 🤭,” Wilson wrote. “If ya not busy our parade is tomorrow …if ya wanna slide 😁.”

In response, the Usher posted a video message on his X account Wednesday, saying, “Shout out to the defending champs, the Vegas Aces. A’ja Wilson, I got your message. I see you. I hear you.”

“Couldn’t be at the parade, but I wanted to send this out to you to say congratulations to you and all the lovely ladies that — once again — did it again,” he said, praising the team winning their second consecutive WNBA championship.

Usher Responds to A'ja Wilson's Request to Join Their Las Vegas Aces Championship Parade

“But anyway, listen,” he added. “I want to invite you to come see the show. Come see me do ‘My Way’ here in Vegas. We stick together. We love one another. Congratulations on this day and I’ll see you soon.”

Usher’s “My Way” is in reference to his “My Way” residency shows in Las Vegas, which was a star-studded event on Friday with Doja Cat and Jessica Alba in attendance.

As he walked among the fans, Usher, 45, noticed Doja Cat, 28, and sang to her his 2010 song “There Goes My Baby,” several videos on X revealed. She stood and joined him in the duet.

“Doja Cat, ladies and gentlemen,” he announced to the audience after the two finished singing.

Usher tweaked the song’s lyrics slightly to reflect Doja’s outfit — a black latex minidress and stilettos — as he sang, “Bet you ain’t know that I was checking you out when you was putting your stilettos on,” instead of the original “heels” lyric.

Later during the performance, Usher approached Alba and held her hands during the same song, a fan video posted on TikTok showed.

“You’re looking so nice tonight, Jessica,” Usher said before he exclaimed, “Oh!” as Alba, 42, began to dance along to the song.

Since he resumed his Vegas show in February, Usher’s “My Way” residency has seen many celebrities among the fans — just like his previous stint in the city from July to Oct. 2022.

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