Usher-Chris Brown Fight: What happened between both singers and why did it start?

The music world has been gripped by the alleged altercation

Usher-Chris Brown Fight: What happened between both singers and why did it start?

Usher and Chris Brown are two names synonymous with the pop music world, but they found themselves having a serious disagreement recently at a birthday party.

Usher has been a long-term mentor and close friend of Brown, which makes it even more surprising that the two could come to blows. Not only that, the fight actually happened at Brown’s birthday party.

Chris Brown seen arguing with Usher in new video amid reports of fight

Before this altercation took place between the singer, Usher and other guests like Mario, Summer Walker, and Bow Wow even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Chris Brown who turned 34 years old on May 5, 2023.

It was TMZ that first reported details of what went down. Supposedly, Brown was attempting to talk to Teyana Taylor and became angry when she ignored him, which caused Usher to intervene and try to calm the singer.

They also reported that Brown then told his friends they were leaving the party and as they left, Usher went after them.

Citing an eyewitness, TMZ say that Usher returned from speaking to Brown and his crew with a bloody nose.

Chris Brown and Crew Fight Usher at Birthday Party - Report - XXL

Both on stage soon after
The pair had no choice but to put the ‘fight’ behind them quickly, because they were playing at the Lovers & Friends festival music festival on the same evening.

The festival counted Mariah Carey, Nelly, Sean Paul, Pitbull, Missy Elliott and more among some of its guests.

There was nothing from their performances and appearances that suggested there had been s serious fight earlier in the day.

There has been no comment from either singer or their teams to confirm or deny the reports, so it may remain a mystery for a long time.

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