UFC Fighter Forced To Come Out As Bisexual After Oral S*x Video Leaked: ‘Not The Way I Wanted To Do This’ (TWEET)

UFC fighter Jeff Molina was basically forced to come out as a bis*xual man after a video leaked out of performing oral s*x on another man. Molina made the announcement on his Twitter account on Friday.

“Welp.. this f—ing sucks,” he began his message, which was shared through two photos of the notes section from his iPhone. “[Too Long; Didn’t Read]: im bi.”

“Not the way I wanted to do this but the chance to do it when I was ready was taken from me,” he continued.

“I’ve tried keeping my dating life from social media,” Molina wrote. “I’ve dated girls my whole life and suppressed feelings I had throughout high school being on the wrestling team, throughout college pursuing MMA, and even after making part of the dream happen and getting into the UFC.

Molina stated he would come out later in life because the “majority” of UFC fans are “homophobic.”

“The thought of my buddies, teammates, and ppl I look up to looking at me different let alone treating me different for something I can’t control was something I couldn’t fathom. In a sport like this where a majority of the fans being the homophobic c-cksuckers they are I didn’t see myself doing this during this part of my career.”

As for the person who leaked the video, he called them “awful” and “disturbed.”

“At the end of the day I know my character, morals, and who I am as a person. As much as I’m hated/sh-tted on I’m getting an equal amount of support & it means a f-ck ton.”

The 25-year-old has a record of 11-2, four of which he has won by knockout, another four by submission, and the other three by decision. He has won his last 10 fights but has not been in the octagon since June 4 of last year.

He is 3-0 in the UFC. He is currently suspended for his alleged role in a betting scheme.

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