Tupac’s Family Is Opening A Pop-Up Restaurant Inspired By The Rapper’s Idea

The Los Angeles pop-up brings to life the late rapper’s concept for a restaurant.

With a larger-than-life personality, the late Tupac Shakur was known for many roles: rapper, actor, and even dancer. Unfortunately, due to his untimely death, he never took on the role of restaurateur despite having a vision for his own eatery, Powamekka Café. Now, fans of ‘Pac will be excited to hear that his Powamekka Café concept will be popping up in Los Angeles this month for two weeks.

According to Eater, the Tupac’s family will open the Powamekka Café on Thursday, June 16, at 800 W. Olympic Boulevard in partnership with the California-based soul food restaurant Fixins Soul Kitchen.

tupac shakur powamekka cafe


True to Tupac’s written notes, which outlined his idea for a restaurant with “the finest in down home Southern & creole food,” the Powamekka pop-up will feature gumbo, fried chicken wings, and meatloaf. The rapper’s idea also included mentions of “the best sandwiches on the planet” and “food from generations of recipes.”

In addition to what is sure to be soul-stirring cuisine, the Powamekka Café pop-up is collaborating with the neighboring “Wake Me When I’m Free” exhibit to feature memorabilia from Tupac’s life. The notebooks that described the original idea for Powamekka Café will be among the items featured.

This pop-up isn’t the first time Powamekka Café has seen the light of day. In 2017, Queens rappers Nas and restaurateur John Seymore opened a temporary Powamekka Café at their New York City restaurant Sweet Chick. The pop-up only lasted a couple of days, but included ‘Pac-inspired cocktails, decor, and more.

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