Tupac Shakur’s Father Breaks Silence About Arrested Murder Suspect Keefe D: We Miss Him

The music world was rocked earlier this year when a suspect was arrested in the tragic 1996 death of Tupac Shakur. Now, the late rapper’s father is breaking his silence on the matter.

Billy Garland, the “California Love” rapper’s biological father, recently spoke out for the first time following the arrest of Duane “Keefe D” Davis, who was charged in Shakur’s death and whose trial is set for next year. Garland, however, said Davis was “just a tool” and a “pawn” and that he doesn’t believe that he’s the only one responsible for Tupac’s death, adding that was a larger conspiracy involving law enforcement and the U.S. government, per HipHopDX.

Man connected to suspected shooter in Tupac Shakur's 1996 killin - KAKE

“He’s not a very intelligent individual,” he said before referencing Davis’ alleged past comments on the murder. “When you go on air and say you participated in a high-scale assassination, eventually it’s gonna come back on you. I’m surprised he went that far and that long without them arresting him.”

He continued, “He was in the car — that’s aiding and abetting in a murder! But he was doing his part with the rest of the people who were talking about the Orlando Anderson — he was fulfilling that glitch and adding to their truth, which we all know wasn’t true.”

Garland doubled down on his conspiracy, saying it’s “ridiculous” and that “everybody can see through this thin veil of deceit.”

“I don’t think we’ll ever find out who really did the shooting,” he said, adding that while Davis “might have been involved” in the shooting, “we know it wasn’t no one individual.”

Though an arrest has been made in the 27-year-old case, Garland said it does “absolutely nothing” for him as he continues to grieve his son.

“I’m just as empty by the loss of my son as the rest of the world is,” he said. “I have no feelings about it whatsoever because it’s not true. It’s not the truth. It’s just another pawn being moved in the game of chess to create that continuous story that we don’t know who did it. And that’s what they want.”

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