Travis Kelce’s friends see an ‘endgame’ for him and Taylor Swift: ‘Not letting any hoopla impact relationship’

“they’ve seen how down to earth she is with his friends and family” Travis Kelce’s inner circle believes his relationship with Taylor Swift is the real deal

Travis Kelce’s friends are fanboying over his romance with Taylor Swift, mirroring the excitement of the star couple’s fans. Despite their contrasting backgrounds, Taylor and Travis’s relationship has grown stronger ever since they publicly announced their relationship during the singer’s Argentina leg of the Era tour. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, friends of the NFL star shared their thoughts on the growing chemistry between Travis and Taylor, expressing their belief that the couple is the ‘real deal’.

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Unfazed by the media frenzy Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s bond continues to grow

A close friend within the Kansas City Chiefs star’s inner circle mentioned that while they were initially a bit surprised by how the relationship unfolded, they now firmly believe that “this is the real deal for him.” In an exclusive statement, the insider said “They’re still a little shocked by all of it — that he’s dating the Taylor Swift, but they’ve seen how down to earth she is with his friends and family.”

The insider goes on to say that the reason the relationship is ‘getting stronger’ is because both the Lover singer and NFL star are committed to their profession while also respecting each other’s work. “They’re both really hard workers, and he acknowledges her art is hers, and he has what’s his,”.

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Considering Taylor’s tumultuous past relationships, Swifties see every new addition to her life with skepticism. However, with Travis in the picture, combined with support from various industry figures, is bringing a sense of relief to the fans. Travis’ friends emphasize that the couple continues to focus on developing a sincere and serious relationship, despite the media frenzy.

“He understands the territory their relationship comes with and like he said, isn’t letting any of the hoopla impact how they’re growing together.” The further stated “Their relationship is about the two of them, and he sees Taylor for who she is and vice versa.”

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The friends’ reaction follows an interview last week with Wall Street Journal Magazine. During the interview, the football player stated that he has never been in a relationship with someone who exudes such a ‘distinctive aura’ and that being with Swift is ‘something special.’

During the conversation Travis said “At the same time, I’m not avoiding any of it… The intense scrutiny she faces, the constant attention she gets, the paparazzi outside her house, at every restaurant, after every flight – she’s just living and enjoying life. When she can handle it all so gracefully, I shouldn’t be the one acting oddly.”

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