The Weird Game Of Thrones Prank Emilia Clarke Played On The Set Of Me Before You

Actors often look for different ways to keep themselves entertained during the laborious days of shooting a film, especially when it’s quite a weighty and emotional project. That’s certainly the case with Me Before You, which revolves around the burgeoning romantic relationship between a paraplegic young man and his carer. Thankfully, the film’s stars, Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin, were able to remain in good spirits on set by playing pranks on each other. One of these saw Emilia Clarke accuse Sam Claflin of stealing a Daenerys Targaryen doll from her, even though she’d just lost it.

Emilia Clarke se siente liberada de 'Game of Thrones'

For those of you that don’t know, Daenerys Targaryen is Emilia Clarke’s character on the rather successful HBO fantasy epic, Game Of Thrones. During a Me Before You roundtable discussion with the actors that I attended at the end of last month, Sam Claflin was accused by Emilia Clarke of stealing the figurine. This was something that he strenuously denied, which then led him to tell us the full story. Sam Claflin explained:

So [Emilia Clarke] got given, on day one of filming, this little Daenerys Targaryen doll with a bobble head. Basically, [Emilia] lost it, and then came on set and went, ‘Sam stole my doll.’ And I went, ‘What? How’s this working out?’ And basically all the crew thought I was a thief. Then basically [Emilia] went back to her room, found it, and then hid it in my bag so when I got home I saw it and thought, ‘I did steal the doll.’

Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke Pranks Me Before You Co-Star | Time

Obviously, over the course of the press tour for Me Before You it’s now emerged that Emilia Clarke was actually the little minx that made the rest of the cast and crew believe Sam Claflin was a full-blown thief. Thankfully the police never got involved though, and production was able to unfold without further wild accusations…that we know of.

The obvious warmth and camaraderie between the duo was on show throughout their roundtable efforts, and it goes a long way to making Me Before You so endearing. In Me Before You, Emilia Clarke plays Louisa Clark an unambitious small-town girl, who, after losing her job in the local café, finds herself employed as a carer for Sam Claflin’s Will Traynor. After some growing pains, the pair become closer, but the stakes are then raised when Louisa learns that Will is planning to travel to Switzerland so he can be euthanized. You can check out my review for Me Before You here, while you can watch the trailer below.

You don’t have long to wait to see Me Before You, too, because the romantic drama will finally be in cinemas this coming Friday. Word of warning for those planning to attend: bring tissues.

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