The Rolls-Royce Phantom with Drake’s beautiful golden owl logo and diamond-encrusted eyes was a birthday gift he gave himself

To celebrate his 37th birthday, Drake purchased a Rolls-Royce Phantom with a gorgeous golden owl symbol and diamond-encrusted eyes.


Drake, a Canadian rapper, has gained notoriety once more for his excessive spending. He recently purchased a custom Rolls-Royce Phantom with diamond-encrusted eyes and a gorgeous golden owl symbol. Both his followers and auto enthusiasts have expressed awe for this customized car, which is said to have cost an incredible $5 million.



The 34-year-old rapper, actual nаme Aubrey Drake Graham, is well-known for his opulent lifestyle and passion for luxury vehicles. He owns an amazing collection of expensive cars, which includes a Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet, a Lamborghini Aventador, and a Bugatti Veyron. His most recent purchаse, though, has garnered the most attention because of its unusual style and astronomical price.

Even without the customizations, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is already renowned for its opulence and hefty starting price of nearly $500,000. But Drake’s version takes extravagance to new heights.

The golden owl emblem that has been added to the car’s bonnet is a nod to Drake’s record label, OVO (October’s Very Own), which prominently displays an owl as its emblem. The owl insignia alone, rumored to be made of solid gold and set with diamonds, is thought to be valued at several hundred thоusand dollars in pricey gemstones.



The opulent additions don’t end there. Luxurious extras like a custom sound system, plush leather seats, and beautiful wood veneers have all been tastefully added to the car’s interior. The car’s luxurious appeal is further enhanced by the OVO insignia, which is beautifully embroidered on the upholstery and a distinctive dashboard clock with a diamond-encrusted bezel.


Drake has a well-established reputation for his penchant for extravagant purchases. In 2019, he reportedly splurged $1 million on a customized mattress adorned with stingray and horsehair. Moreover, his affinity for fine jewelry is evident in his collection, which includes a $120,000 OVO chain and a $750,000 diamond-encrusted watch.

Drake has a large collection of Rolls-Royce cars, so it’s unlikely that he will use the Phantom often, but this custom-made beauty with its eye-catching golden owl emblem confirms that he is one of the most opulent and lavish rappers in the business. This striking and distinctive Phantom is certain to turn heads and win praise wherever it travels.



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