The Rock (And Allegedly Travis Kelce) Amazingly Went As David Beckham For Halloween, But I Have Only One Question

Halloween is a night when everybody gets to be somebody else. A lot of people always choose to dress up as celebrities, and this year was no exception. Couples dressing as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were apparently quite popular last night, but then what do you do if you are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

Celebrity Halloween costumes are always a blast and this year was no exception, but Kelce and Swift may have found the perfect idea. The word is the new Hollywood it couple dressed as another pop star/sports star pairing, in Victoria and David Beckham. While we don’t have pictures of their look, at least one other celeb did decide to dress like the soccer star, as Dwayne Johnson showed off his David Beckham look. But can he bend it like Beckham?

David Beckham: Những hình ảnh lịch lãm nhất tại Việt Nam

There’s an old adage in professional wrestling that if the performer doesn’t use the prop that he brings to the ring, then he probably can’t use the prop that he brings to the ring. Based on this, I have to wonder what The Rock’s soccer abilities really are, as he doesn’t show them off in the short Instagram video he posted. Having said that, he looks great as David Beckham.

The Rock calls himself Blamoan Beckham, a reference to his Black and Samoan heritage. I have to be honest, Johnson looks way better with David Beckham’s hair than I would have suspected. The guy has never had long hair and he’s been bald for so long I’d forgotten what he looked like with hair at all. Dwayne Johnson has almost always taken movie roles that have focused on the fact that he is… Dwayne Johnson. Maybe he should try to do more where he really transforms himself and looks like somebody else.

 Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam/Travis Kelce on SNL.

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam/Travis Kelce on SNL.

Dwayne Johnson wasn’t the only celeb to dress as Becks for Halloween, as reports are that Travis Kelce did the same, alongside Taylor Swift as Beckham’s wife, former Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham. It would certainly be a fitting costume for the two to wear, as they are essentially taking over the Beckham’s role as a sports and pop music power couple. Beckham has even spoken about Travis and Taylor recently, as the similarity between the couple is so obvious.

If there are images of Kelce and Swift in their Halloween costumes they haven’t reached the public yet. Considering just how big a star Taylor Swift is right now, you know there are a lot of people waiting to see her Halloween look. And then we can compare and contrast Travis Kelce and Dwayne Johnson and decide who wore it better. If Kelce can bend it like Beckham, we’ll have to give him the win though.


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