The judge sentencing Eminem used the line they had been waiting their whole lives for. What’s wrong with our guy?

A judge who once sentenced Eminem got to use a rather unique line in court as an obvious reference to the rapper.

Back in June 2001, Eminem was sentenced to one year of probation for a weapons charge that stemmed from an ugly dispute with a rival Detroit rap group.

At worst, the rapper could have been handed a five-year prison sentence, so he was certainly lucky to escape with a year’s probation.

He was accused of pulling a 9mm semiautomatic gun in a parking lot in June 2000 during a confrontation with rap group Insane Clown Posse.

Eminem in court in 2001. Credit: Getty Images/Bill Pugliano/NewsmakersEminem in court in 2001. Credit: Getty Images/Bill Pugliano/Newsmakers

Witnesses did say that Eminem didn’t point the gun at anyone while the rapper said it was not loaded.

He pleaded no contest to charges of carrying a concealed weapon and brandishing a weapon.

Circuit Judge Denise Langford Morris said at the time: “Poor judgment is an understatement for what you did. You are extremely lucky, sir, that no one was injured or killed.”

Defense attorney Wally Piszczatowski said in court that his client was happy with they described as a ‘fair sentence’.

Piszczatowski said: “He’s very pleased that the judge treated him like (she) would treat any other citizen … rather than sentencing him due to celebrity status. He’s just happy that the criminal cases are over.”

The judge referenced an Eminem song in court. Credit: Getty Images/Bill Pugliano/Newsmakers
The judge referenced an Eminem song in court. Credit: Getty Images/Bill Pugliano/Newsmakers

Meanwhile, prosecutor Mark Bilkovic had asked the judge for Eminem to be sent to jail.

“I’m still satisfied with what she did,” he said. “She’s going to be holding a hammer over his head for the next year… If he screws up one time, she’ll be on him.”

The one song we all associate with Eminem is of course ‘The Real Slim Shady’ – the classic hit that really propelled the rapper into stardom.

A particular famous line from the song is ‘Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?’, something the judge poked a bit of fun at during proceedings.

At one point, the judge said: “Mr. Mathers. Now is the time for you to please stand up.”

The rapper barely said a word at the sentencing, only muttering ‘No, ma’am’ when responding to a question from the judge.

Alongside his one year probation, Eminem was ordered to pay more than $2,300 in fines and court fees, plus contribute to some community service.

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