The Dying Wish of Late WWE Star Ashley Massaro is Finally Revealed

Last week, the tragic news was passed down that Ashley Massaro had suddenly passed away at age 39. It was revealed this week that she had actually committed suicide by hanging.

Like many National Football Players that are still alive and ones that have passed on, Massaro apparently knew something wasn’t right about her, so she had a dying wish to donate her brain to be studied.

“It was her desire to donate her brain to be studied,” her lawyer Konstantine Kyros said in a statement to CNN, acknowledging this could only happen if Massaro’s family abides by her wishes.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, is a degenerative brain disease that can only be definitively diagnosed after death.

CNN has reached out to WWE for comment, but has not heard back.
The sport of wrestling might be fake with predetermined outcomes, but the injuries, falls, and shots to the head are very much real and they can have a long-lasting affect on anybody.

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