Taylor Swift’s Broken Heel Grabbed By A Fan After She Tosses It During Eras Tour, Swifties React “That’s Going To Be Worth A Whole Lot Of Money…”

A Swiftie recently showed off Taylor Swift’s broken heel from Eras Tour in the bag, and the internet is going crazy about it. Read on!


Taylor Swift’s Broken Heel Grabbed By A Fan After She Tosses It During Eras Tour, Swifties React

Taylor Swift is currently pulling off her Eras Tour’s South America leg and was last seen performing in Brazil. The singer set the stage on fire with her impeccable singing skills and made thousands of Swifties groove to her tracks. Well, during her latest concert in Rio de Janeiro, Tay had her real-life Barbie moment when the heel of one of her blinky boots came off. Now, a fan of hers is in possession of the heel and the internet is going crazy about it.

Tay’s Eras Tour in Brazil had some unfortunate incidents. At first, Rio de Janeiro was experiencing extreme temperatures amid the heat waves. A Swiftie even lost her life at the concert, and Tay postponed her show.

On Monday, November 20, Taylor Swift’s video of her breaking the heel of one of her boots came out. The singer was singing her Lover set list on stage when her broke the heel. Despite the wardrobe malfunction, the singer was in high spirits and as usual it did not stop her from smiling and entertaining her beloved fans.

In the clips, it could be seen that Taylor Swift took off the heel from her boot and tossed it into the audience. For the rest of the track, she nailed her Barbie moment as she stood on her tip-toe and completed her song. Her perfectly arched foot grabbed a lot of attention on the internet as fans hailed her for her dedication.

One of them wrote, “That is one expensive broken shoe! But she is ever the professional,” while another penned, “She’s such a pro! Not even a broken heel can stop her.”

A third one wrote, “She looks like a doll.”

Well, after the show, Pop Crave shared an image of a fan’s bag that got the heel. The fan has seemingly preserved it as it was a heart-warming present from the idol. As the bag’s picture is making rounds on X, formerly Twitter, fans cannot keep calm as they claim the heel would cost a fortune in the coming years.

A netizen wrote, “This fan is about to make a fortune on eBay,” while another commented, “That’s going to be worth a whole lot of money someday.”

“Wow she got it. she’s the lucky 13,” a third one wrote.

One also claimed, “Pretty sure this will be in auction in about a year or so and will be up for bidding 20x its price, if not more.”

Well, we cannot wait to see what happens next with Taylor Swift’s heel. The fan might keep it for themselves, if not, we wonder how much it will cost in the coming years.

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