Taylor Swift Sets An Industry Standard By Giving Her Tour Staff $55 Million In Bonuses. Is this true?

She’s set to mkae over $1 billion in profits from her Etas tour, but she’s sharing the wealth.

Taylor Swift is set to make bank for her ongoing Eras tour, but the singer is making sure to give back to her staff in the form of very generous bonuses. In total, she’s reportedly spending $55 million in bonuses for everyone working on the tour, which includes technicians, dancers, catering staff and more.

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TMZ specifically reported that every truck driver involved in Eras received a $100,000 bonus prior to her stop in Santa Clara last weekend. With 50 trucker drivers in her fleet, those bonuses alone cost $5 million.

Taylor launched the Eras tour in March, and tickets sold out in record timing, leading to a slew of controversy. The singer has added new dates and locations to her tour recently, but the U.S. leg of the tour is set to come to a close at the end of next week.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Will Earn Over $1 Billion

Even though Taylor is giving out $55 million in bonuses, it’s a small fraction of what she’s earning for her record-making Eras tour, whicih is expected to become the highest-grossing tour of all time. Although it was initially reported Taylor was expected to make $600 million in total, she’s now raking in $13 million per night, making the tour on track to make over $1 billion in profits.

This is a huge jump in profits from Taylor’s 2018 Reputation stadium tour, which made $345 million in total. Tickets were an average of $134, whereas they’re averaging $254 for her current Eras tour.

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It’s unclear how much Taylor will take home in profits when the tour concludes, as much of the money will go towards production costs, marketing, salaries, bonuses, and more. However, it’s highly likely her $740 million net worth will only rise thanks to the Eras phenomenon – and that she’ll also go on tour again given the insane demand for it.

What It’s Like Working For Taylor Swift

For the most part, people close to Taylor Swift have kept silent on their professional and personal relationship. But there have been various reports alleging what it’s like to work for the superstar throughout the years.

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In 2016, Star Magazine anonymously quoted a personal assistant who allegedly worked for Taylor, and claimed the pop star only wanted to around pretty people.

“]Her ego] is so huge that really believes she’s above average-looking people,” the insider alleged. “She surrounds herself with models and always makes sure that they’re in the background, like beautiful wallpaper or something.”

Taylor also allegedly makes her employees follow a series of strict rules. Your Tango claims she doesn’t allow pictures or recording around her without consent, and that she requires employs to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep their professional relationship private.

The same report claims Taylor is particularly about her coffee, only accepts Coke not Pepsi, and insists that her staff like cats.

Whether or not what’s been said about working for Taylor is true, it’s clear that she’s not against giving her staff very generous bonuses.

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