Taylor Swift is finally speaking about her and Travis Kelce’s love story, saying had a ‘significant

In a surprising revelation, global pop icon Taylor Swift has finally opened up about her hush-hush romance with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

The Grammy winner, recently honored as Time magazine’s Person of the Year,

disclosed that their love story had been brewing behind closed doors for a substantial period before making headlines.

Swift, 33, spoke candidly about the early days of their relationship in an exclusive interview with Time

Taylor Swift breaks silence on Travis Kelce romance, timeline

. She expressed gratitude for the undisclosed time they spent getting to know each other, shielded from the public eye. The revelation comes after Kelce, 34, playfully put Swift “on blast” during his podcast in July, attempting to give her his phone number during a Missouri tour stop.

“We started hanging out right after that, so we actually had a significant amount of time that no one knew, which I’m grateful for because we got to get to know each other,” Swift shared.

Travis Kelce Is Reportedly "Very, Very Happy" With Taylor Swift


The singer confirmed that they were already a couple when she attended her first NFL game, dispelling rumors of it being their first date.

“When you say a relationship is public, that means I’m going to see him do what he loves; we’re showing up for each other. Other people are there, and we don’t care,” Swift remarked about their decision to keep their relationship private initially.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship gets so much love from other  celebrities

The couple’s journey to the spotlight began when Kelce tried to capture Swift’s attention at her concert in July, failed, but eventually succeeded in getting her notice through his podcast antics. Since then, Swift has been a constant presence at Kelce’s Chiefs games, including several high-profile appearances alongside celebrity friends like Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, and Ryan Reynolds.

Taylor Swift Opens Up About Travis Kelce in Time's Person of the Year Story

The revelation of their romance adds another layer to the couple’s already visible support for each other. Kelce, a two-time Super Bowl champion, has praised Swift as a “genius” in a Wall Street Journal magazine profile. Swift, in turn, has reciprocated by modifying the lyrics of her song “Karma” during a concert to honor Kelce.

Taylor Swift, Time Person of the Year, says Travis Kelce wooed her on his  'New Heights' podcast

Their relationship has not only made waves in the celebrity gossip columns but has also become a fixture in NFL broadcasts, with Swift frequently spotted in the stands cheering for Kelce. Despite the newfound attention, the couple remains unfazed and proud of each other.

Taylor Swift breaks silence on Travis Kelce romance, timeline

As the two continue to navigate the spotlight together, Swift expressed her evolving appreciation for football, admitting, “Football is awesome. It turns out I’ve been missing out my whole life.” With their love story now in the open, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce seem to be embracing both the perks and pressures that come with their high-profile romance.

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