Taylor Swift fans ‘terrified’ as star looks ‘beet red and on verge of collapse’ at scorching Brazil show where fan died

FANS have shared their concern for Taylor Swift, after several videos showed the superstar singer gasping for air while performing in the scorching Brazilian heat.

Taylor postponed Saturday night’s Eras Tour concert in Rio de Janeiro following the death of a fan.

Fans were concerned over Taylor Swift's red appearance on stage

Fans were concerned over Taylor Swift’s red appearance on stageCredit: TikTok/mateusbenac

Temperatures soared during her show in Rio

Temperatures soared during her show in RioCredit: TikTok/mateusbenac

Taylor's arms and legs looked especially red

Taylor’s arms and legs looked especially redCredit: TikTok/mateusbenac
A fan video from the concert on Friday night showed the pop icon seemingly struggling to breathe after performing her hits.

Other videos show the 33-year-old looking beet red in the heat, which soared to highs well over 100 degrees fahrenheit.

Online, many fans shared their concern for the global star.

“This is so scary, the way Taylor shortened Take Me Home to take a deep breath,” one person tweeted. “She was so red.

“You can tell how much she’s struggling with the heat, I’ve never seen her like this before.”

A second echoed: “She’s beet red. I can’t imagine how much energy that show took.”

Another commented: “She is only 33 and in incredible physical shape. That she was struggling that much is really scary.”

And one person asked: “Why was this concert being held on the surface of the sun?”

One Taylor fan sadly succumbed to the conditions.

Ana Clara Benevides, 23, died of cardiac arrest in sweltering heat before Taylor went on stage for the first night of a three-night run in the Brazilian city.

Shortly after her first show ended, the Grammy winner called off Saturday night’s concert.

Taylor wrote in a statement in an Instagram Story on Saturday: “I’m writing this from my dressing room in the stadium.

“The decision has been made to postpone tonight’s show due to the extreme temperatures in Rio.”

She added: “The safety and well-being of my fans, fellow performers and crew has to and always will come first.”


The fan fainted and went into fatal cardiac arrest as she waited for the pop idol to take to the stage on Friday night.

Final footage shared by the 23-year-old shows her enduring high temperatures at the Rio stadium.

Ana Clara fanned herself to cool down and tried to keep out of the sun under a large umbrella.

Despite the intense heat, she appeared happy and excited at the prospect of seeing Taylor, calling it a “dream come true.”

She went on to reveal in her Instagram Live video she had forgotten a cap she had intended to bring.

She canceled Saturday night's show

She canceled Saturday night’s showCredit: TikTok/mateusbenac

Taylor was also seen gasping for air onstage

Taylor was also seen gasping for air onstageCredit: Twitter/alisontragic

Ana Clara Benevides fainted at the show and is believed to have had a heart attack

Ana Clara Benevides fainted at the show and is believed to have had a heart attackCredit: Instagram

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