Taylor Swift fans discover star’s shoe size after awkward wardrobe malfunction on-stage. It almost…

One lucky Swiftie went home with an extra special souvenir — Taylor Swift’s heel. The broken bit that made it’s way off the stage and to a fan revealed the star’s actual shoe size

Taylor Swift broke the heel of her shoe while performing at her Eras Tour, with one lucky fan taking home the heel.

Taylor Swift

The star’s boot snapped during the Lover Era of her performance and one lucky fan snagged the red bottomed piece. As a true professional, Taylor managed to continue performing, leaning on her right toes, mimicking the non-existent shoe. After the singer was done with her dazzling show, the fan went home and showed off her new treasure to the Internet.

Alongside a photo of the shoe, they wrote: “Size 40. That’s like US 10… don’t ask me why I thought she had like a lil size 7.5 foot.”

Taylor Swift's shoes

The shoe bit was bedazzled with silver gems and exposed the red underside with the sole having taken some damage, too. Fans were elated for the person who got the piece and began analysing Taylor’s shoe size, debating whether or not it matched expectations.

Some fans teased the original poster for thinking Taylor’s feet were tiny. After all, the pop star is 5’11. So, she defended herself and wrote: “Y’all I know she’s tall. I just never thought about her shoe size. That’s why I said don’t ask me why I thought that obvs it was a silly little though to think.”

One fan picked on the closeness the fanbase feels with Taylor. They wrote: “So, you’re telling me that as a size 8 I can’t share shoes with global superstar Taylor Swift? So unfair.”

Taylor Swift

A fan tried to offer an explanation for the shoe size, pointing out that these are her performing boots. They said: “Also let’s remember the girl wears 2 pairs of tights and needs some space for her feet to swell since she’s standing up and moving around a lot.”

However, another fan chimed in to point out that this wasn’t necessarily new information. Taylor’s outfits and costumes have been put on display a variety of times in the past. One of her Grammys outfits was a part of an exhibit, including a pair of deep blue heels with the same size — 40.

Fans who have had a peek at other shoes she’s worn shared more photos. One said: “I figured since she’s the same height as my husband she would have accordingly sized shoes but I was still very surprised seeing them in person lol we stan tall girlies.”

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