Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Were a Thing in Another Life; Take a Look at His Ancestry

Many people think that the theory of reincarnation might not really be a theory but something very tangible, as evidence has been found in the memories of many people and even in their DNA. And we may even have “closer” proof in some celebrities, such as Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, as the family tree of one of them could be a sign that the two have already met in another life, and even had an affair.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, Together in Another Life?

In social networks began to emerge this theory that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are actually reincarnations of some of their ancestors since they keep a very strong resemblance to them. They are a great-uncle of Styles and his partner, who in their youth, back in the 40s, had a certain resemblance to the interpreter of “As It Was” and the singer of “Lover.”

Taylor swift harry styles ancestors resemblance theory

According to information found by several internet users, Harry’s great uncle, George Cay Styles, was an aviator pilot and member of the military and was married to housewife Joan Angus Styles. The appearance of this couple between their 25s and 30s bears a very eerie similarity to Harry and Taylor today; there are even some fans who have made comparisons between the images of the celebrity’s ancestor and him in his work in Dunkirk, where he gave life to a member of the militia.

And another detail that also causes a stir is that George was apparently part of Operation Dynamo, the British military action that led to the evacuation of 400,000 allied soldiers from France, precisely in the French city of Dunkirk, during World War II.

What do you think? Is it a coincidence or more of a twist of fate?

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