Taylor Lautner’s Wife Reveals How She Feels About Taylor Swift’s ‘Back To December’ Being About Her Husband, And She’s So Real For This Answer

There’s no “Bad Blood” at all.

If you are a man who has dated Taylor Swift chances are she wrote a song about you. While many of her break up songs don’t make these guys look good, in the case of “Back to December,” the ex in question, Taylor Lautner, is written about in the best light. So, as the pop star announced and re-released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) the Twilight actor and his wife, Taylor Lautner, opened up about the hit song about him, and Girl Tay is so real for her thoughts on the matter.

Taylor Lautner | POPSUGAR UK

As Girl Tay and Boy Tay (which is how they differentiate each other) spoke about Swift’s upcoming projects and Taylor Lautner’s involvement in her music video “I Can See You,” they got on the topic of “Back To December.” The song is famously about the singer and actors’ break-up, and it’s essentially an apology from Swift to Lautner. While some partners might feel weird about their significant other being the subject of a break up song, Taylor Lautner has no problem with her husband’s T-Swift song as she explained on their podcast The Squeeze:

It’s a banger. It’s a good song. I like it, it’s a nice song. I also like that it’s the one nice song that is about my husband, so that’s good. I also probably sang it as an 11-year-old, 12-year-old probably crying about a boy that I liked. You know, like singing it with such conviction.

She went on to joke about how passionately she would sing the song as a child even though she had never experienced a break up like that before. Her lightheartedness about the topic is so sweet, and she clearly cares deeply for both her husband and Swift, as you can hear in the full episode of their podcast:

Taylor Lautner’s feelings about her husband being the subject of “Back To December” are pretty similar to how Sophie Turner felt “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” which a song Swift reportedly wrote about Joe Jonas. Both had a good sense of humor about the situation, and are all cool with their husbands’ old relationships with Swift. Also, I love that they both acknowledged how amazing these songs are, because as Lautner put it, they’re bangers.

The Lautners’ support of Swift and “Back To December” specifically came after they both attended the Eras Tour to premiere the music video “I Can See You.” The New Moon actor appeared in the project, and flipped onto the stage before gushing about his love for the “Cruel Summer” singer. The three Taylors re-created Spider-Man meme, and appeared to have a blast making this music video. Overall, there’s absolutely no “Bad Blood” between Taylor Swift and both Taylor Lautners.

I think Girl Tay’s support of her husband and Swift is so admirable and relatable. In this situation, where your significant other used to date one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and she wrote a song about him, things can get awkward. However, she’s handled it with grace, appreciation and a good sense of humor, and I’m so here for it.

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