Suge Knight Accuses Snoop Dogg of Potentially Being Involved in Tupac’s Murder

“If it’s true what they say … face-to-face, it’s gonna be a lot of explaining to do”

If it seems like every man and their uncle has a podcast these days, it might be because they actually do. But, unlike the dozens of Bitcoin-related talk shows sprouting on the internet these days, Dave Mays’s latest endeavour, Collect Call with incarcerated music mogul Suge Knight, actually discusses some topical news.

The latest soundbite from the Hip-Hop Weekly co-founder’s conversations with Knight alleges that Snoop Dogg may have had some level of involvement in Tupac’s 1995 murder.

Suge Knight Accuses Snoop Dogg of Potentially Being Involved in Tupac's Murder

“I really, really, gotta have a real conversation with Snoop,” Knight said. “I knew that Pac did everything right by him, by putting him on All Eyez on Me, speaking about him and being real with him, and if it’s true what they say … face-to-face, it’s gonna be a lot of explaining to do.”

Knight prefaced the statement by referencing the fact that, through his label Death Row Records, he had paid Snoop’s bail during his lengthy murder case in the mid-1990s.

He went on to explain that his suspicion stems from a Warren G anecdote in August on — you guessed it — another podcast, revealing that he had persuaded Snoop to come to his house in L.A. instead of going to Vegas with Tupac and Knight, where the murder eventually occurred.

“I don’t know what kind of Nextel he had, but whatever it was, it was hitting him all the way from what was going on in Vegas,” Warren recalled. “We could hear the shit, and then he started getting calls and they was telling him that 2Pac got shot. So I kicked everybody out and [Snoop] took off. That’s when he went to Vegas to go see what was going on and go to the hospital.”

In response, Knight said, “The only way you (Snoop) would have a [Nextel] radio, is if you was at the fight with us and he had a security detail,” Knight said. “By him not having a security detail, what are you doing with a radio … Why would you have a play-by-play on the radio?”

“And, he said, Snoop kicked him out, then he came to the hospital,” he continued. “Snoop never came to the hospital. Period.”

As it stands, Duane “Keefe D” Davis is the only suspect in the nearly 30-year investigation. He pleaded not guilty at the beginning of November and will stand trial in Nevada next June.

Watch an AI recreation of Knight discuss Tupac’s murder and the ongoing investigation on Collect Call below.

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