Stephen A. Smith Speaks Out In Defense Of Anthony Edwards After Adult Star Exposes His Abortion Request (VIDEO)

Stephen A. Smith has spoken out in defense of Anthony Edwards in the wake of the Minnesota Timberwolves star getting exposed for demanding an abortion from a woman claiming to be pregnant for him.

In circumstances similar to the offseason one involving Zion Williamson, Edwards’ girlfriend recently announced her pregnancy only for another woman to pop up with similar claims. However, unlike Zion, Edwards has addressed them publicly.

Smith was very critical of the woman, an adult star, and went in on her for putting private messages online while suggesting that there should be legal ramifications for such actions.

“Who Anthony [Edwards] is involved with, who he impregnated… he has a relationship with this woman, and she publicly disclosed it,” he said on ‘The Stephen A. Smith Show’. “She took text messages and made them public. I’m beginning to question what consequences someone can face for having their privacy violated. That’s what I’m curious about.”

The leaked text messages showed Edwards insisting on an abortion, while it appears that he paid her $100,000 to go through with it.

“I’m not making any judgments. We live in a society, ladies and gentlemen, where if Anthony [Edwards] wanted to have an abortion, respectfully, that’s his business. We have pro-choice and pro-life advocates all over the country. She is a woman, free to make decisions about her own body,” Smith continued.

“This is America. If she’s pregnant and wants to have the child, that is her business. If Anthony Edwards does not want her to have the child, that’s his business. No loyalties are violated because he wouldn’t want the child… She clearly did it to embarrass him and influence his thoughts, using the public to do so by breaching his privacy.”

As noted above, Edwards has addressed the matter publicly, taking to X to claim that he was acting out of emotion and his words do not align with his beliefs.

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