Stephen A. Smith calls ‘BS’ on Mike Trout pledging loyalty to the Angels

Mike Trout’s contract with the Angels expires at the end of the 2030 season

The Los Angeles Angels had, for six seasons, arguably the best two players of the modern era in their roster, failing to build a playoff team around Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, who didn’t get to play in October together despite their best efforts.

Now, the Japanese signed a record-breaking contract with crosstown rivals LA Dodgers worth $700 million, the most lucrative sports history with a team that is already a juggernaut that wins 100-plus games regularly.

At the same time, Trout just recently pledged loyalty to a team stuck in perpetual mediocrity, as he dismissed trade rumors involving him with a contract that bonds him with the Angels until the end of the 2030 season.

Stephen A. Smith calls out Mike Trout

Trout says he still hopes for a World Series for Anaheim; however, Stephen A. Smith ‘called BS’ on the three-time MVP’s reasons for staying with the Angels, as he said on ESPN’s First Take he believes that Trout does not want to leave the team because ‘he is too comfortable’ there.

I don’t believe him. I believe he said that, Doggy (talking to ‘Mad Dog’ Russo), because, have you ever been to Anaheim? It’s beautiful. I mean, the stadium is beautiful, the city is beautiful, the weather is phenomenal. I mean, my God, that’s what he talking about. He don’t wanna leave, and I don’t blame him. But dammit, that’s the reason. It can’t be the team: Eight straight losing seasons and you wanna stay there?

Stephen A. Smith

Is Trout on the decline?


Since the Covid-19 season in 2020, Trout has yet to manage a complete season, appearing in just 237 out of 486 regular season games since the start of 2021, meaning that he has lost more than 50% of the Angels games during that period.

Despite still performing at a high level, 2023 saw a decline in Trout’s production to a level we have not seen since his debut season in 2011: .263 /.367/.490 slash line, 131 OPS+, 18 HRs with a 28.7% strike-out ratio, all career worst for him in a season where he had at least 300 plate appearances.

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