‘SRK From Meesho’: Internet Reacts To Shah Rukh Khan’s Doppelganger Spotted At Airport

People started taking selfies with SRK’s doppelganger.

People started taking selfies with SRK’s doppelganger.

Actress Shraddha Kapoor recently posted a picture on her Instagram story, featuring a girl who was being touted as her doppelgänger on social media. This girl, identified as Pragati Nagpal, is a social media influencer who attended the Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore match on April 12. Users began drawing comparisons between her and Shraddha Kapoor after seeing her at the event. Shraddha herself reacted humorously by sharing the girl’s video on her story. Following the buzz around Shraddha’s look alike, there’s now widespread discussion about someone resembling Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan is touted among the top stars of Indian cinema and it is not uncommon for him to get mobbed during public appearances. Celebrities are often clicked at airports. Recently, fans thought they were getting their fanboy/fangirl moment when they caught hold of who they believed to be Shah Rukh Khan at the airport in his Pathaan look. People started taking selfies with him only to later realise that he was indeed a doppelganger of Shah Rukh Khan. The uncanny resemblance left people stunned. The video was shared by Viral Bhayani.

Shah Rukh’s lookalike was in Pathaan look, wearing the same clothes, hairstyle and goggles as Shahrukh. The person wore a black T-shirt and leather jacket with olive coloured pants. Even after fans realised that he was not the real Shah Rukh Khan, they continued to take selfies with him and shook his hand. Comments on the videos were quite interesting too with one user saying that he had SRK’s face but lacked his swag. Another user said that this is what one gets when Shah Rukh Khan is ordered from the shopping site Meesho.

There are many fans who have modelled their looks after Shah Rukh Khan and the most famous among them is Ibrahim Qadri, whom people often mistake to be the actor himself. He is also often seen imitating Shah Rukh’s signature move, arms wide open in public to entertain people around him.

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