Sources say Justin Bieber slept with 3 Kardashians & Halsey, some hookups happened after Hailey was in the pictur

Justin Bieber apparently slept with three of the Kardashian sisters, with some hookups taking place after Hailey Bieber was in the picture, sources have claimed.

Deuxmoi — a popular social media gossip brand and podcast dedicated to pop culture news — suggested that the Canadian singer, 29, may be the source of all the drama surrounding himself, his wife Hailey, and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. An unidentified source with knowledge reached out to one of the Deuxmoi creators and spilled some beans. The celebrity gossip outlet reminded fans that the new information had “not been independently confirmed” and that they’re just sharing what they’ve heard thus far.

‘He made these girls crazy’

“They were around when all this was happening,” Deuxmoi said of the source who reached out to them. “They say everything goes back to Justin with the Selena-Jenner-Bieber drama. I will say that this person who made the timeline did say that. If you look at the timeline and really break it down—Selena and Justin and Hailey’s relationship—Justin was a dog.

He made these girls crazy.” The insider reportedly claimed Justin slept with Kendall, Kylie Jenner, and Kourtney Kardashian. Furthermore, they insisted the Kourtney affair happened after he was already involved with his future wife Hailey.

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Kendall Jenner và Justin Bieber bí mật du lịch cùng nhau, nhưng họ có thật sự hẹn hò?

DeuxMoi cites their credible source in the Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber drama.

The source alleges Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian all took a turns sleeping with Justin Bieber.

A close friend of the family

It’s worth noting that there have been rumors in the past about Justin’s involvement with Kourtney, who is 14 years his senior. The pair were reportedly seen getting cozy a couple of times and dined together in public.

In 2015, photos of Justin and Kendall made waves on social media and had fans wondering if there was something brewing between the two. Meanwhile, Kylie was said to have sent some raunchy pics to Justin while he was still dating Selena. The singer has often been referred to on the reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ as a close friend of the family, as noted by Evie magazine.

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Kris Jenner slammed for VERY cuddly pose with Justin Bieber

KRIS Jenner has been slammed for how she posed with Justin Bieber in a throwback snap from when the singer was much younger.

The photo, originally posted by the Love Yourself singer, recently resurfaced online.

Justin originally posted the photo as it has resurfaced on social media

Justin had his arms around Kris, now 66, from behind as the pair pressed their cheeks together.

The momager didn’t seem to mind the gesture as they smiled at the camera.

The Canada native shared the snap on Instagram, calling out Kris’ two youngest daughters, Kendall, 26, and Kylie Jenner, 24, in the caption.

Hailey caught in between

Around 2015-2016, Justin allegedly made it clear to Hailey that they were just hooking up and there was nothing serious between them. During this period, he reportedly went out with Sofia Riche, who had recently turned 18. After learning the news, Hailey apparently “had a meltdown because Justin was posting Sofia,” per the source. Furthermore, Deuxmoi also claimed Hailey was feuding with Halsey after Justin went home with her after the 2015 AMAs, which happened to be on Hailey’s birthday.

It was also alleged that the model tried to prevent her stylist Maeve Reilly from styling the ‘Eastside’ hitmaker. What’s more? It was also during this period that Justin allegedly got it on with Kourtney and “a million other girls.” According to the blog, Hailey resorted to stalking Justin and would randomly show up wherever he was.

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Deuxmoi also listed some reasons why Selena didn’t like Hailey. Firstly, Justin apparently kept telling the singer that he was in love with her up to the day before he married Hailey in a small courthouse ceremony. The ‘Stay’ hitmaker allegedly acted like he would never get over Selena following their breakup. “This is not coming from a fan,” Deuxmoi revealed. “This is someone who has heard all the information and is able to summarize according to that. This isn’t a fan. This isn’t coming from someone from Tumblr or Twitter.”

The DeuxMoi’s source claims Justin Bieber was allegedly telling Selena Gomez “I love you” when she broke up with him for texting Hailey Bieber in 2018 and kept telling her “I love you” on the day before he married Hailey Bieber in a “quickie court house ceremony.”

Secondly, Hailey apparently didn’t do much to stop Justin from “bullying and taunting” Taylor Swift when his producer and pal Scooter Braun bought the rights to her music. Selena is said to have felt “horribly for Taylor and very much felt like if Hailey was a remotely decent human being she would have tried to exert some control” over Justin, who was married to her by then.

The source alleges when Justin Bieber and Scooter teamed up to taunt and harass Taylor Swift online after buying her masters. Selena Gomez felt “horribly for Taylor and very much felt like if Hailey was a remotely decent human being she would have tried to exert some control”…

It is unclear whether Hailey knew that Justin slept with the three Kardashian sisters, considering she still hangs out with Kylie and Kendall. The claims, albeit unverified, could possibly throw a wrench in the couple’s marriage. Deuxmoi is known for sharing reliable celebrity news, but there’s just no way to know for sure whether it’s all true.

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