Soul Train Awards 2023: Chris Brown’s 8 Unforgettable Musical Moments

The successful R&B singer received the award for ‘R&B/Soul Male Artist’ last year and knows how to put on quite a performance.

Few artists are what we call a triple threat, one who can act, sing, and dance. Chris Brown is in a league of his own. He is one of those artists who go above and beyond to perform well, whether it be the Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards in 2010, his dance-off in the 2007 dance film Stomp The Yard, or his choreography in many music videos..


There is no doubt that Chris Brown is one of the most talented dancers of his generation, and since his debut single, “Run It” we’ve been in awe of his voice, moves, and presence. He has a long track record of hit after hit, where his dance moves take center stage.

Over the years, he has won multiple accolades, including a Soul Train award. Just last year, he was crowned “Best R&B/Soul Male Artist” for the second time. He also won the same award back in 2020.

In celebration of the upcoming Soul Train Awards 2023, we reflect on some of Chris Brown’s most unforgettable musical moments over his career.

Who could forget Brown’s most vulnerable and emotional performance of his career? His moving tribute to one of his favorite artists, Michael Jackson, at the 2010 BET Awards had you getting out of your seat to dance along to the King of Pop’s most iconic hits while also crying your eyes out to Brown’s emotional rendition of “Man in the Mirror” on stage. He paid tribute to classics like “Remember The Time” and “The Way You Make Me Feel. When it came time for Brown to sing “Man In The Mirror,” he broke down on stage, allowing the audience to sing along. Brown discussed his emotional performance in a Billboard Interview. He told Billboard, “A lot of people don’t know, I was going to see Michael Jackson the day he died,” he continued, “When I heard ‘Man In The Mirror,’ it just touched me. It wasn’t fake. People were trying to put extras on it, but everything was genuine. That was my ultimate apology, hands down.”

“Gimme That Remix”

In Brown’s music video for “Gimme That,” released from his debut album Chris Brown, as usual, Brown blows fans away with his choreography. The video shows him and Lil Wayne in a station that goes from an ordinary modern-day setting to a retro black-and-white train station. In the video, Brown and his dancers break out in dance moves similar to Michael Jackson’s choreography with Brown’s twist.

“No Guidance” ft. Drake

It is no wonder that the music video for “No Guidance” featuring Drake has garnered over 460 million views on YouTube. Drake and Brown have had a history of feuds dating back to 2012. So it was to our surprise when Brown and Drake collaborated on the smash hit and even had a hilarious dance-off in the music video where Drake attempted to put his moves to the test as a crowd looked on. He battled Brown and unsurprisingly lost the battle, while Brown blew the crowd away with his moves.

“Summer’s Too Hot”

In Brown’s most recent single, “Summer’s Too Hot,” he takes it back to his pop roots with his classic and complex choreography in the music video. The video is reminiscent of his 2011 music video for “Yeah 3x,” where Chris is dancing in a similar setting. In “Summer’s Too Hot,” he dances in the middle of a city street and the bodega with his dancing crew and even transforms into a water man breaking out in high-intensity dance moves to a catchy R&B tune.

“Look At Me Now”

“Look At Me” is one of Brown’s most famous songs, with a catchy beat featuring the iconic Busta Rhymes alongside Lil Wayne. In the music video, the three rappers are in a smoke-filled, graffiti-covered parking garage amid a dance-off. Brown and his crew’s intricate dance routines are most likely why the video has garnered more than 560 million views on YouTube. It also gave us a look at the R&B/pop singer’s rapping chops.

“Yeah 3x”

“Yeah 3x” is the pop tune that had us all jumping out of our seats when it first was released in 2011. But what made the pop tune even more special was Brown’s stunning choreography that came along with it. In his music video, he kills it in every dance sequence alongside his dance crew. One moment in particular that catches the eye is when Brown and a member of his dance crew stand in front of a shop called “Poppin Petes,” mirroring each other in a Step-Up-inspired dance routine.

“Fine China”

“Fine China” is a treat for Michael Jackson lovers everywhere. The song itself is inspired by the works of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, according to Brown. But his music video was reminiscent of the King of Pop’s music video for “Smooth Criminal” with a similar bar/club setup. He borrowed moves from “Beat It” and “The Way You Make Me Feel.” The video has garnered 100 million views on YoutTube.

“Run It”

For many, “Run It” was a proper introduction to Brown’s talents. It’s where many of us fell in love with his dance moves and his voice. In the music video, Brown is seen sneaking into a school along with many other youngsters who have come to a party and battle it out on the gymnasium dance floor, girls vs. guys. A teenage Brown sings his heart out while also battling his love interest. The song and video put Brown on the map for the start of a blossoming career. The video also garnered over 180 million views.

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