Social Media Is Debating Whether Newly Unearthed Video Proves Josh Giddey Is Innocent In Underaged Girl Scandal (VIDEO)

The whole Josh Giddey saga is getting pretty crazy. And we may have just been treated to another wild twist.

The last we had hears was that the NBA was investigating allegations that were making the rounds online accusing the Oklahoma City Thunder star of having inappropriate relations with a minor.

Josh Giddey dancing with girl at the club.

The female in question was said to be a junior on high school, which would not be good news for Giddey if true.

While the female has seemingly come out to confirm that she did in fact hook up with the 21-year-old Giddey, someone has released a new video which some believe might exonerate the former sixth-overall pick.

In the video, Giddey can be seen dancing with the female in a club. The belief among some of that, if the woman dancing with Josh is the same female, she must have lied about her age in order to get into the club.

However, many are questioning whether it’s the same female, while some are also claiming that this doesn’t necessarily prove that Giddey was unaware of her age — or whether that even matters.

And here’s what the jury on social media has to say about this new evidence.

While all of these opinions are fun to read, none of them really matter. Instead, what does matter is how the NBA and the police choose to address this situation — if they decide to address it at all.

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