Snoop Dogg, In The Ultimate Weed-ception, Smoked Himself In Joint Form

When chronic marijuana lover Snoop Dogg announced that he was giving up smoking, jaws around the world collectively dropped. However, fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the news had nothing to do with his longtime herbal habit. Instead, he was lending his likeness to smokeless outdoor fire pits.

Yesterday (December 28), Snoop took to social media to spark up some special bud. Given his decades-long smoking history, there isn’t much Snoop hasn’t experienced. But lighting a joint designed after himself was a hilarious first for the weed crusader.

“They done smoked this n**** down to a tee, this Snoop Dogg blunt,” laughed the rapper in a video shared on his official Instagram page. “Whoever rolled this for me, thank you, cuh. We are smoking the sh*t out of this muthaf*cker to end the new year. Wow. Head blown.”


Fans in the comments let the weed jokes fly in the comment section.

“Y’all took that to da head,” wrote one follower.
Snoop Dogg Instagram comment 12282023INSTAGRAM
“Pothead! Snoop potty pot,” joked another.

Snoop Dogg Instagram comment 12282023INSTAGRAM
“That’s great. New meaning to smoking yourself silly,” wrote one user.
Snoop Dogg Instagram comment 12282023INSTAGRAM
“You are what you smoke,” penned another.
Snoop Dogg Instagram comment 12282023INSTAGRAM
After experiencing that self-induced and assisted high, it looks like Snoop Dogg’s personal blunt roller has a new origami challenge to take up.

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