Shannon Sharpe Reveals His Bizarre Toilet Habit That Makes It Hard For Him To Use Public Restrooms (VIDEO)

Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe made a bathroom revelation while speaking to Gilbert Arenas on ‘Nightcap’ this week.

Sharpe, who is now with ESPN, disclosed that he disrobes completely when he does a No. 2, which is why he hates using public restrooms.

Photo of Shannon Sharpe speaking on 'Nightcap' and photo of public restroom

“I’d rather go in the woods than go in the gym,” he said. “I’d rather go in the woods than go in the airport. Man, I like to be free. I take off all my clothes. I go to the bathroom and I take off everything I got and throw it on the floor.”

Arenas seemed genuinely surprised as he pushed back, claiming he would never do something like that as he isn’t six years old.

To be honest, this isn’t bizarre at all. Why would anyone want to make toilet deliveries with clothes on?

The reactions below suggest Gil’s the weird one…

Freedom is important, people. Even if it’s just in the bathroom.

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