Shams Charania Had A Lovely Valentine’s Day Surprise For Kay Adams That Made Her Blush Uncontrollably On Live TV (VIDEO)

The rumors surrounding Shams Charania and Kay Adams are only going to get louder after what happened live during her show this week.

Last week, Kay Adams made a joke that Shams Charania could bring her a box of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. He did one better by stepping his game up with his gift.

Charania didn’t get Adams a box of chocolate for Valentine’s Day, so he decided to get Adams a pair of red John Geiger sneakers.

Adams was unaware the gift was from him until she read the note.

“With much love and admiration for you as a person,” Charania wrote. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

She called it “the sweetest thing.”

If you were wondering, the shoes sell for a retail of $230.00 on the John Geiger website.

The relationship between Kay Adams and Shams Charania has been the subject of much interest and speculation as the two have shared several flirtatious moments together on Adams’ FanDuel show Up & Adams over the years.

There are even betting props for when they announce their relationship to the public.

Shams Charania has spent a decade texting and tweeting his way to the top of the NBA reporting world. Charania has earned a lot of money from his job. His family moved from Pakistan, and this part of his background influenced how he sees things and writes about them. His total net worth is $5 Million as of 2023.

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