Shah Rukh Khan delivers message of success with humility in latest Denver ad

The actor adds gentleness and empathy to earlier virtues of hard work and authenticity.




Denver, a men’s fragrance and grooming brand, has taken its seven-year association with Shah Rukh a step further and launched a campaign to reiterate its ‘The real scent of success’ brand positioning.

Just like its brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan, who besides his superstardom is increasingly being seen as a humble and an empathetic star, Denver is rooting itself as a fragrance that appeals to men who are not just defined by their strength or achievements but also by their values.

Shah Rukh Khan's humility inspired this man for a better life! Read his  full story |

The film opens in front of an elevator in a luxury hotel where a house-keeping staff is asked to take the next lift by a senior employee. Cuts in Shah Rukh, just as the elevator doors are closing, and opts to travel in the next lift too with the house-keeping employee, when invited to join in. Centred around Shah Rukh Khan, the film emphasises the importance of treating everyone with respect regardless of their societal status. Through his dialogue, “Insaan chota ya bada apni soch se hota hai” (a person’s thinking decides their place in society), success should not go to your head,” Shah Rukh encourages the viewers to embrace a mindset of equality and compassion, and let their “scent” speak of their achievements.


Campaign’s take: Shah Rukh Khan is a gentleman in the truest sense. Not only is he extremely well groomed, and known to “smell nice”, he has a rags to riches back story and is also one of the most empathetic stars in India today. Just the right fit for a brand that is talking about “The real scent of success”. Traditionally, male fragrances are pegged on ‘masculinity’ and their appeal to the opposite sex. It is refreshing to see Denver pivot its advertising on tenderness and humanity.

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