RGIII Sends Stern Warning To Dudes Who Jumped Cam Newton At His 7-On-7 Football Tournament

Robert Griffin III has issued a warning to the people who attacked Cam Newton on Sunday.

The former NFL quarterback was jumped by males appearing to be teenagers during a 7-on-7 tournament in Atlanta on Sunday and was shown defending himself rather impressively as he was able to fend off multiple assailants.

Photo of RGIII smiling and photo of Cam Newton fighting

Griffin was not surprised to see Cam hold his own and even manage to keep his hat on given how hard it was to tackle the former NFL MVP when he played.

“Cam Newton led Auburn to a Natty with 1 O-lineman that started an NFL game and no one else recording a NFL reception, rush attempt or pass attempt,” he wrote on X.

“He’s used to being a one man army, so you are delulu if you thought some guys jumping him was gonna phase him. Hat didn’t even move,” Griffin wrote on X/Twitter.

There’s been nothing on what started the altercation between Cam and the teens, but he is expected to join Cam’ron and Mase on their ‘It Is What It Is’ podcast sometime this week and will likely offer details then.

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