Remy Ma sent cryptic messages to protesters on Instagram. Discovering something unusual makes fans worried

Remy Ma is stirring up beef rumors with her latest Instagram Story post on Wednesday (November 22), although we have no idea who it could refer to. “You s***ted on me & I still never exposed you,” the image reads, adding a couple of facepalm emojis. “I know secrets about people I don’t f**k with anymore and their secrets will never leave my mouth. My character will never be questioned. It’s cool though.” Given that Hazel-E recently claimed that she and many others are getting paid to sabotage Nicki Minaj, it’s unsurprising that she has to defend herself against plenty of people. We can’t link those two situations together, though; it’s just an example of the kind of thing that the femcee could be addressing.


However, in that specific example, it seems like things might change very soon. Moreover, Nicki Minaj recently hinted at a reconciliation between her and Remy Ma, who were once rap rivals. On her Instagram Story, the Trinidadian MC wrote one of Remy’s lyrics from her verse on the Big Punk track, “Ms. Martin.” “Look over your shoulder, I’m in the rover, it’s over b***h,” the lyrics read. Either this fired at the 43-year-old in escalatory fashion, or it hinted at their next move.

Remy Ma’s Mysterious Diss On Instagram


Regardless of this potential bread-breaking with Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma also has plenty of things on her mind that have people attacking her. For example, there are scandalous accusations that she cheated on Papoose with Eazy The Block Captain, who recently hit up an Eagles game together. These instances fueled the fire even further, which came to a head during a rap battle in which Geech Gotti accused Eazy of having a romantic relationship with the New York MC. She denied any and all allegations, but found it very hard to dodge them in recent months.

Meanwhile, the Terror Squad affiliate recently denied pregnancy rumors, too, which might connect with the previous narrative. All in all, the Internet is a wild and rowdy place where folks spit out whatever for some clicks. When that combines with the competitive nature of the rap game, music industry, and pop culture world, only chaos can ensue. On that note, stay up to date on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Remy Ma.


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