Remy Ma Reportedly Claims She’s 35 Instead of 43 — but Says It’s Due to Prison Time and COVID

The rapper made the claim during a star-studded birthday party hosted by her husband Papoose

Remy Ma celebrated her 43rd birthday on Wednesday with a star-studded party and a confession about her age.

According to Vibe, amid a crowd of partygoers that included Fabolous and Fat Joe, the rapper took to the mic and said, “I got everybody in here number. We call, text, we talk s—… so I appreciate all of y’all coming to my 35th birthday. I don’t f—ing count the ones when I was in prison, and I don’t count the ones from COVID.”

Remy Ma



The party was a surprise from her husband Papoose, 45, who also took to Instagram to showcase his love for the musician alongside a clip of Mase. The hip-hop artist surprised those in attendance with a performance of his 1997 single featuring Total, “What You Want.”

“Surprised the Queen @remyma with 1 of her fav rappers,” he explained in the post’s caption. “Felt good to see her genuinely surprised & happy. She’s made my born day special so many times. This was well deserved. Peace to the Harlem Legend my bro @rsvpmase Real people do real things. Peace to @roseaym @hennessy @tunecore ‘Head of Hip Hop.'”

The rapper couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Reminisce Mackenzie, in December 2018, and each have children from previous relationships.

They formally tied the knot in March 2016 in a ceremony featured on season 6 of Love & Hip Hop: New York after Ma was released from prison in August 2014. The female rapper was sentenced to prison at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in 2008 after being convicted of illegal weapon possession, assault, and attempted coercion.

Mase and Remy Ma


Speaking about what makes their relationship last, the couple shared with HOT 97 in 2021 a “high level of loyalty, dedication, and sincere love.”

The “All the Way” rapper told the radio station, “My favorite part about being married is the high level of loyalty, dedication, and sincere love that we share amongst each other. There’s no other sense of security outside of having that one person that you know, regardless of what will always be there for you and vice versa.”

She added: “Things in the world these days are so uncertain, tomorrow isn’t promised, and you know never know when people are going to change on you but when you take vows under God at your wedding, which your partner, you know it’s till death do you guys apart. The level of unconditional love.”

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