Rani Mukerji reveals why she had to turn down Aamir Khan’s ‘Lagaan’: ‘He wanted me to…’

The film, directed by Ashutosh Gowariker and produced by Aamir Khan, was nominated for the Best Film In A Foreign Language category at the 2002 Academy Awards

Rani Mukerji reveals why she had to turn down Aamir Khan's 'Lagaan': 'He wanted me to...'

At the ongoing International Film Festival of India happening in Goa, Rani Mukerji was interacting with the media and spoke about the one film she was offered and couldn’t be a part of.

The actress revealed, “The only film which I could say I was unfortunate that I couldn’t be part of was ‘ Lagaan ’ because there was a particular date clash and Aamir was turning producer with the film and he said that “Rani I am shooting this film in a particular way, so I want all my actors in this particular place for 6 months and not move.”

She added, “I also asked the other producers if they would be okay if I left the film because I would really like to do Aamir’s film, he’s a close friend of mine. But the producer refused to let me go. It was very sad.”

Speaking at an in-conversation session, titled ‘Delivering Compelling Performances’, during the  International Film Festival of India (IFFI)  here, the actor said an artiste’s age should not matter while essaying a role.

Rani Mukerji reveals why she said no to Aamir Khan starrer Lagaan
“My audience has loved me and accepted me over the years. They have helped me to break the ageism barrier and I will promise that I will work till I’m 80. I don’t think an actor should be judged by their age.”

“It’s only because our cinema is known as popular cinema and you want to see young people on screen all the time because that’s what compels the youth to kind of go and watch,” Mukerji said.

It is also important for artists to not be “delusional” and believe that they are always going to be young, she added.

“You can be young at heart, but to accept your age and to accept roles that suit your age is also important for the audience to accept you. So, it has always been a conscious decision of mine to be able to give my audience something that will be palpable for them as well.”

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