Pro MMA Fighter Sammy-Jo Luxton Responds To Fans Saying Her ‘Thickness’ Is Photoshopped (PIC)

Up-and-coming MMA prodigy and OnlyFans star Sammy-Jo Luxton has plans to be a world champion in boxing and in MMA, but right now, she is dealing with backlash from a photoshoot she recently did.

Sammy-Jo Luxton is now having to deny photoshopping a “thick” picture of herself after losing some weight as she gears up for her next fight.

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It all started with her posting a photo of herself on her knees with her thighs and butt looking quite huge. Alongside it was a video of herself training.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Fight camp has officially started babyyy.”

Fans jumped into the comment section and accused her of photoshopping her picture. One asked: “Is that photoshopped – not in a bad way but you look thick.”

Luxton explained: “Nah just been eating good outside of camp and I only really put on weight on the lower half of my body.” After a second person replied “pose/angles can be deceiving..”, she hit back: “And the fact I’m 10kg heavier on the left pic.”

Luxton was a champion in Muay Thai before swapping to MMA and boxing.

She has gained a massive following and even launched her own OnlyFans account. She also has a YouTube channel and asked fans questions while posting a picture in a bikini and in the ring.

Sammy-Jo Luxton posing in black

The 23-year-old made her boxing debut in February on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition with Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers. That fight came on the heels of a world silver medal in Muay Thai as well as European and British titles.

She has also signed a deal with The Professional Fighters League, which will home her MMA career.

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She told the Daily Mail this year: “My goal is to have a world title in boxing, a world title in MMA, and a world title in Muay Thai.

“Just to say I completed it.”

She is set to make her MMA debut with the PFL in Paris on September 30.

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