Priyanka Chopra In Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Quantico-ed’ Film Pushes Jee Le Zara With Alia Bhatt & Katrina Kaif Out Of Sight? All The What, When, Why & Hows You Need To Know!

Priyanka Chopra & Sanjay Leela Bhansali have come too close to working together but parted ways, and it all started with Ram Leela!

Priyanka Chopra is in India, and her pictures of Nick Jonas and baby Malti from Ayodhya took everyone by surprise. However, after the personal updates, the only thing everyone needs to know is the professional timeline. Fans have been waiting for PC’s next Hindi film, and if everything goes as discussed, then Bhansali might bring her back.

Recent reports suggest that Priyanka is in talks for a film with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It will be a world that is nailed by PC. The world from Don & Quantico. While she pulls up her socks for an action adventure with Bhansali, it might hint at another professional update.

Priyanka Chopra was supposed to make her comeback with Alia Bhatt & Katrina Kaif in Farhan Akhtar’s road trip film Jee Le Zara. However, the film has been delayed since 2018. And now, Priyanka moving on with a Bhansali project indicates Jee Le Zara is not happening anytime soon. Currently, Alia is gearing up to shoot for her next Love & War with Bhansali.

Priyanka Chopra In Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Qunatico-ed' Film Clearly Means Jee Le Zara With Alia Bhatt & Katrina Kaif Not Happening? All The What, When, Why & Hows You Need To Know!

Priyanka Chopra Is Discussing Schedule For Her Next Film With Sanjay Leela Bhansali(Photo Credit –Instagram)

The Don actress’s new collaboration with Sanjay Leela Bhansali would be very interesting. Especially since the two had very high and low equations throughout their professional journeys. According to a source quoted by Hindustan Times, “She is also meeting Sanjay Leela Bhansali for an action project, set in a different period. She has liked the project and is meeting Bhansali now to decide on the timeline, schedule, and costumes.”

Priyanka’s Gustaakhiyaan!

PC was supposed to do a film titled Gustaakhiyan with Bhansali. The male lead of this film was supposed to be Abhishek Bachchan, and it was said to be a biopic of Sahir Ludhiyanvi. However, PC walked out of the film unceremoniously.

Ram Leela’s Loss & Bajirao’s Payback!

After Kareena Kapoor Khan walked out of Ram Leela, it was Priyanka Chopra who was initially offered the part. But the universe probably conspired, and Deepika Padukone was the chosen one. Things went haywire between PC & Bhansali, but she is too professional to keep grudges. To grooved on the title track on Bhansali’s insistence and waited for her time to shine. And she did when she ate Deepika Padukone, who played the title role in Bajirao Mastani. PC’s Kashibai was so finessed that there was no match!

Gangubai’s Glide

After Ram Leela, Bhansali promised a full-fledged film with Priyanka Chopra. She was about to do Gangubai, but then Inshallah with Alia Bhatt got shelved, and he felt too guilty about locking Alia’s dates. So Gangubai went to Alia over Priyanka. Very interestingly, PC was supposed to do a song for Inshallah as well. But after she walked out of Bharat with Salman Khan, Bhai put his foot down for PCs, and there was no entry in his film with Bhansali. But SLB was adamant, and what was the conclusion? Inshallah was shelved.

PC – Bhansali’s New World

Now, as per reports, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is reuniting with Priyanka Chopra for an action film, a genre that has been nailed by PC in the past. Just waiting for some magic to happen on screen.

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