Priyanka Chopra Dedicates Song To Her Daddy, Netzein Says ‘So Much Drama’

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Simi Garewal Shared The Video Her Instagram Account From Her Show India’s Most Desirable

Priyanka Chopra has come a long way since she started her career, and now she is known internationally. In one old interview from the show ‘India’s Most Desirable,’ the actress can be seen singing a song for her dad. The video was shared by Simi Garewal on her Instagram account.

In the clip, Priyanka held a mic and said, ‘This is for my daddy.’ She then sang Mariah Carey’s 1993 song ‘Hero.’ Simi captioned the post, ‘India’s Most Desirable Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Her dad’s dream for her was that she should become an international singer. She exceeded it by becoming a super global star! But seriously, with that voice, don’t you think Priyanka and Nick should cut a duet? I think it would rock!!’

However, a fan objected to it and said it was all drama.

In the comments section, a person wrote, ‘So much drama in singing, probably to cover the flaws. You’d notice that actual trained singers don’t have this much drama.’ Simi replied, ‘Drama?? Where was the drama? Do elaborate..(if you can!) ‘

Simi also commented, ‘Never ‘forget fighting’ for your honor. You had the courage to defend your values – and yourself. I wish you continued strength to live your life on your terms. I wish you peace of mind. I wish you daily joys. You are a true hero. Believe it! ‘

Although many appreciated Priyanka, a user wrote, ‘She sings so soulfully… There are many hidden talents in her below the facade… I love and bless her…. Thank you Simi Garewal for the post.’

Another user wrote, ‘Amazingly multi-talented PC! Thank you for sharing this Simi. Yes, a duet of Nick and PC would be a delight and rock.’

Fans recently saw Priyanka in Citadel, which was created by The Russo Brothers.

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