People just realized the meaning behind Drake’s new face tattoo – and they’re confused about it

Drake has just been snapped with the words ‘miskeen’ running across his eyebrow a day after his new album was released. And it means two very different things across the world

Drake has just dropped some new face ink and fans have been left baffled after finding out what it means.

Drake, tattoo, miskeen, Toronto, Canada, eyebrow, fans, ink, forehead

Drake was snapped with new ink above his eyebrow reading ‘miskeen’ (Image: brentkore/Instagram)

The 37-year-old Canadian rapper was snapped at a house party on Saturday after the release of his new album For All The Dogs: Scary Hours Edition. In the picture, his new tattoo clearly runs across the top of his right eyebrow and reads ‘miskeen’.

Multilingual readers may understand the phrase by its Arabic roots, which roughly translates to ‘poor’ or ‘pathetic’. And Drake’s fans were left raising their eyebrows at the $250 million (£199 million) net worth hit-maker’s seemingly self-degrading new tat.

Drake, tattoo, miskeen, Toronto, Canada, eyebrow, fans, ink, forehead
His tattoo has a very different meaning to what fans think (Image: Getty Images)


“If Drake is miskeen what’s the word for the rest of us,” one X/Twitter user quipped. “What a terrible affirmation. That energy is now inked permanently on his skin and coursing through his veins,” another added.

A third shocked user added: “This man Drake really got MISKEEN tatted on his FACE?!”

But all may not be as it seems, and Drake might not be ridiculing himself after all. It apparently has an entirely different meaning in his hometown of Toronto, Canada.

The Take Care artist is well known lover boy, who isn’t quiet about wearing his heart in his sleeve. So, it’s secondary meaning as a ‘sweet and innocent person’, according to Now Toronto, might fit the bill after all.

Drake, tattoo, miskeen, Toronto, Canada, eyebrow, fans, ink, forehead

The rapper most likely didn’t get the tattoo because he thought he was ‘pathetic’ (Image: Getty Images)

It’s not the star’s first face tattoo. Flashback to August, 2022 and Drake announced that he got some ink for his lovely mum, Sandi Graham.

The more subtle ‘S’ and ‘G’ etched underneath his left eyelid stand for her initials. The Grammy winner hasn’t been shy about shouting about the love for his mum, crediting her ongoing support during the early days of his music career.

And one of Drake’s parents has shown equal love, with his dad, Dennis Graham, getting his son’s face tattooed on his arm.

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