“Park That Car, Man!”: 27 Years After Iconic Rapper Tupac’s Death, Ice Cube Reveals Strange Dilemma Over Late Artist in ‘the Joe Rogan Experience’

Hip-hop icon Ice Cube recently dropped some “truth bombs” on the NBA leadership. He has recently vented out his discontent and frustration on what he considers to be a disparity by the league for his own basketball venture, “The Big 3.”

The NWA rapper starred in a candid conversation on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently. Right from the start, the American rapper did not shy away from taking shots at the NBA.

But that’s not all – he also shared a special behind-the-scenes story with the iconic Hip-hop legend, Tupac Shakur. Even after 27 years of his passing, the ‘Gangsta rap’ icon is one of the most revered and influential figures of all time. What’s more – the hilarious story will leave fans amused at Tupac’s ‘greatness.’

Throwback to Ice Cube and Tupac’s hilarious studio encounter

In episode #2004 of the JRE, Joe Rogan sat down with the legendary NWA rapper and Hip-hop Hall-of-Famer. Ice Cube reminisced about a time at Echo Sound studio when Tupac rolled up in a Benz without even having a driver’s license.

Surprised by the flamboyant Benz, Ice Cube jokingly advised Tupac, “Man – park that car, man! You don’t know how to drive …” Shakur simply explained, “Nah, I’ve been in New York, for so long…I don’t worry about driving.”

A surprised Rogan added, “Learning how to drive – the first car is a Benz…”

Cube retorted – “Yup – Benz, you know it was like five hundred…”

It’s safe to say that only a legend like Tupac can say that so nonchalantly. After all, Shakur sold over 75 million records worldwide – cementing his legacy in a league of its own.

During the conversation, Joe Rogan asked Ice Cube about his first significant purchase. Ice Cube fondly recalled buying a Honda Accord, replying – “Oh, man – I bought a Honda Accord. I had bought a Honda Accord, you know – they had just come out with a new model – it was about 20Gs…”

This humble beginning reminds us of Ice Cube’s journey from his early days as a rapper to becoming a successful artist and entrepreneur.

Ice Cube’s NBA Discontent and The Big 3


In addition to sharing amusing anecdotes, Ice Cube expressed his discontent with the NBA during the podcast. He argues, “It’s not the players, it’s not the owners, it’s not the GMs and scouts. It’s not the culture, it’s just the suits, it’s the corporate people.”

He voiced frustration over what he perceives as the league’s reluctance to support his own basketball venture, The Big 3. Cube believes that his league, featuring three-on-three basketball with former NBA players – it’s the new thing.

This outspoken criticism highlights Ice Cube’s determination to shake up the basketball scene and create a platform that showcases his love for the game.

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