“Not Doing a TV Show in My Friend’s Garage”: Peyton Manning and Pat McAfee Confuse Kevin Hart Ahead of His NBA ESPN Megacast Gig

In a recent tweet, 2x SuperBowl champion Peyton Manning‘s Omaha Productions shared a parody tweet in which Manning asks Kevin Hart to host the NBA Megacast on ESPN. Kevin Hart has been raking the news headlines since he was announced as the host of a ManningCast-style show on ESPN for the In-Season tournament.

As Manning relayed Hart with an opportunity to host the NBA Megacast this season, the actor-turned-comedian had a few questions in mind. When Hart enquired about which studio he was supposed to shoot from, he was surprised to learn from Manning that there was no studio.

To confuse Kevin Hart even further, Manning said that the show can be done from one’s basement or even a friend’s garage! Bewildered with the answer, Hart angrily replies,

“Friend’s garrage? hold on, wait wait wait wait. Now, I’m highly sought out professional entertainer, Peyton. You know that and I know that. I’m not doing a TV show from a friend’s garrage! I’m not doing that!” 

Further in the video, NFL star Pat McAfee makes a cameo appearance to answer more of Hart’s questions. When Hart asked McAfee what to wear for the show, the former Indianapolis Colts player replied, asking the comedian to wear tank tops while hosting the show.

Later in the clip, when Hart asked further questions on how to present the show, McAfee hilariously asked the comedian to speak in a made-up ‘Yinzer accent’ while speaking. At the end of the clip, Peyton Manning’s younger brother and fellow ManningCast host, Eli Manning, appeared and asked Kevin Hart not to listen to his brother’s advice on hosting the show.

Surely, a broadcast show hosted by Kevin Hart would be as fun as one might expect. The goofy trailer clip, as seen from this parody tweet from Omaha Productions, gives us a glimpse of the fun and frolic nature of the show when it starts to air.

"Not Doing a TV Show in My Friend's Garage": Peyton Manning and Pat McAfee Confuse Kevin Hart Ahead of His NBA ESPN Megacast Gig

Pat McAfee, Kevin Hart and Peyton Manning. Credits: Imago

Kevin Hart will be hosting his very own Manningcast-style tournament broadcast

Kevin Hart has been announced as the host for an alternate broadcast show for the new NBA In-Season Tournament. The show is named NBA Unplugged with Kevin Hart and is produced by Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions and Kevin Hart’s Hartbeat. The show will be premiering on ESPN2 on December 9th.

Like the ManningCast, the show will feature Hart alongside the Plastic Cup Boyz: Joey Wells, Will Horton, and Na’im Lynn, as well as special appearances from guests and celebrities.

Following the In-Season tournament, the show will air seven more episodes of marquee games throughout the season, including the New York Knicks vs Philadelphia 76ers in January and the Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat in April.

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