No One Knew This Rumor About Snoop Dogg Was True (Until Cameron Diaz Confirmed It)

Cameron Diaz let the cat out of the bag about Snoop Dogg during an interview. But, really, it was something fans already suspected about the rapper.

When Snoop Dogg came on the scene as a rapper in the early 1990s, he did not hide the fact that he liked to partake in illicit substances from time to time. After all, he did perform on The Chronic and nearly half of Snoop’s music has to do with the topic of illicit substances.

While it was clear that Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., enjoyed substances that were not yet legal in the state of California where he grew up, fans thought that was where the connection with the substances ended. After all, Snoop had never come out and directly said that he had enough on hand to sell to others. It was nothing more than a rumor that Snoop did more than personally partake in smoking to alter his mood.

Though gossip mills swirled, no one knew the rumor about Snoop was true until Cameron Diaz confirmed it. At that point, it was up to Snoop to confirm what she said about illicit substances or deny it. Seeing the writing on the wall, Snoop confirmed it and let the world know that he was involved in more than just smoking his substance of choice.

Cameron Diaz Confirmed Snoop Dogg Sold Illicit Substances

These days, Snoop is known for partaking in a plant-based diet. But for decades, it was assumed that Snoop did more than just smoke other plant-based substances. However, because he never spoke about it, no one could confirm that Snoop was more than just a casual user of smoking herbal substances.

That was until Diaz confirmed that she purchased illicit substances from Snoop while in high school. Then the cat was out of the bag that Snoop was not only a user but a dealer as well.

“Cameron Diaz, right? She’s an actress,” Snoop explained. “She went to the same high school. Nobody knew that until she got on the interview and said…”

“What school was this?” the interviewer asked.

“Long Beach Poly High School,” Snoop replied.

“Really?” the interviewer said.

“She was like, ‘Well, when I was in high school…’ and they was like, ‘Didn’t you go to school with Snoop?'” Snoop stated. “She was like, ‘Yeah. I used to buy w**d from him.'”

Snoop went on to say, “And then she opened the can of worms and I was like, ‘Yeah, I did used to sell a little something something. Since I wasn’t gonna say nothing but since she did… Hello.”

Though Snoop did not want the fact that he had sold illicit substances in his youth to be a topic of conversation, he also was not trying to hide anything. However, had he not gone to high school with Diaz and sold her substances, the cat may never have gotten out of the bag.

But because of the high school connection, and both being high-profile celebrities more information about Snoop got released than it seems he would have liked.

Snoop Dogg And Cameron Diaz Went To The Same High School

As Snoop explained in his interview, he and Diaz went to the same high school. Long Beach Poly High School, specifically. Despite the fact that there were hundreds of kids who attended the school, Diaz remembered just what Snoop looked like. Better still, to this day Snoop and Diaz are friendly with one another.

“We went to high school together. He was a year older than me,” Diaz explained. “I remember him, he was very tall and skinny. He wore lots of ponytails in his head. I’m pretty sure I bought w**d from him! I had to have.”

“So you were green even in high school?” George Lopez asked.

Diaz answered, “Absolutely.”

As for Snoop, he too remembered Diaz from high school. This was because Daiz was friends with some of the same people that Snoop was.

“She ran with my homegirls, all my little cheerleading homegirls,” Snoop said. “She was in [their] little crew.”

Snoop went on to say, “She was fly and she was hip. I never got at her like that because she was younger than me.”

Despite the fact that the two future stars knew one another in high school, that did not mean that school was the easiest place to be. In the future, Diaz would use her influence to be able to pull off legendary monetary deals to be cast in films.

But that same influence was not there in high school and, for Diaz, it was hard making it through high school. As such, she could not wait to graduate and get out.

High School Was “Rough” For Cameron Diaz

Given that Diaz was a model as a teenager and broke into Hollywood in her early twenties, it would be easy to think that high school was a breeze for her. Unfortunately, high school was anything but easy for Diaz. The entire experience of her last years in public school was one that Diaz called “rough.”

“High school was pretty rough,” Diaz explained. “Anytime you heard the locker slam and you’d turn and there was a girl taking off her earrings, she’s pulling her hair back in a ponytail and she’s taking all her friends’ rings and coming at you like this.”

Diaz went on to say, “It was like ‘OK, everybody get back’ and you’d be wondering ‘Is she coming at me?'”

“I used to get in fights with boys more than girls, for some reason,” Diaz admitted. “Boys liked to fight me. But one time in junior high I had this girl come up to me in the locker room from behind and pull my hair back. I had to shut her down!”

While high school and even junior high were not the easiest of years for Diaz, both she and Snoop got through it and made quite a name for themselves shortly after doing so.

Though Snoop may have preferred that Diaz not divulge the fact that he sold her illicit substances years ago, it did not hurt his career. The friendship that Diaz and Snoop also have was not damaged either — a friendship or acquaintanceship that the two have been able to keep so many years after attending high school in the LBC.

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